Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

The Capri and Amalfi coast is a stunning destination in the southern part of Italy. They are situated near the Sorrentine Peninsula, which is the bay away from Naples. Amalfi is a popular destination for travellers and you will find many people travelling to see these outstanding landscapes.

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Best Itinerary for exploring the Amalfi Coast and Capri

A large number of groups travel every year to enjoy the scenic beauty and weather along the Amalfi Coast. Why not take two weeks to explore the area from Pompeii onto Sorrento then Capri and the Amalfi Coast?

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Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Getting to the Amalfi coast from Naples

If you fly into Rome from North American I suggest either renting a car and driving your self to the Amalfi Coast or getting another flight to Naples. The Amalfi coast from Naples is around a 45 minute drive and the only way to reach Capri is by sea. Ferries depart from Naples and Sorrento to Capri year round.

Since this itineray starts in Naples and head to Pompeii the fastest and easiest way to reach Pompeii from Naples is the Circumvesuviana train the runs between the Napoli Piazza Garibaldi train station and the Pompei Villa dei Misteri stop in about 30 minutes. From Pompeii to Sorrento you can take the same Circumvesuviana train and journey to Capri by ferry from there.

Exploring Pompeii

You can tour Pompeii alone and without a guide but expect to stay around 4 hours to explore the best of the site. Tickets will cost €22 Euro to enter the Pompeii Ruins. There are three different entrances to the site and the easiest for those of us with limited mobility is the Piazza Anfiteatro entrance.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Pompeii is a well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site deeply ingrained in myth and history. Learn of the town’s heartbreaking history as you see remains that are almost perfectly preserved by volcanic ash – from its frescos to buildings, artworks, and even human plaster casts.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Sorrentine Peninsula

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

From Pompeii head to the Sorrentine Peninsula Where your first stop will be Sorrento. I would recommend booking your tickets for the ferry to Capri before you arrive as they can get quite booked up in the summer high season months.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

If you have a day or so before you catch the ferry to Capri enjoy lunch and dinner in the best restaurants like Il Buco or Trattoria da Emilia. Don’t forget to spend a day in St. Agata Sui Due Golfi. Later in the afternoon take a walk around the Bay of Ieranto to watch the sunset.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri


You might find that Sorrento is overrated as it is just a transportation hub from where you get a ferry, cars, or train to move to different locations. Most people arrive at Sorrento and then start their trip to Amalfi and Capri by booking a ferry.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Once you reach Sorrento, it is easily identified through its clock tower in the Cathedral, located over the Corso Italia. Old Sorrento is attractive with its narrow streets, alleyways, colourful shops, and quaint trattorias. Marina Grande is also a beautiful spot alongside the seashore where you can watch fishermen have a great lunch and take a ferry to Capri.

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Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri


You might find reaching Capri a bit hectic because you might have to take connecting flights from your home or change a ferry after arriving at the Sorrentine Peninsula. After reaching Capri, check in your hotel and relax for some time. Then order a beer or any alcohol of your choice and sit on the lawn or terrace and enjoy the enchanting beauty around. This means you need to book a hotel that is in a good location from where you can see nature closely from all corners.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri
Capri – Ruderi di Villa Jovis

You get at least five days to enjoy yourself in Capri. This means you have ample time to explore nicely Roman-style Villa Jovis, and Monte Solaro. Rent a boat to spend one full day in the water. While at night enjoy drinks and food in the best restaurants near the lighthouse. Shopping is also important, so don’t forget the street shops and marketplace to explore.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri


Positano is the first town you’ll come across on the the Amalfi coast of italy and is about twenty minutes from Sorrento. You can also get to Positano via one of the buses run by the Sita coach company and, in the summer months, by boat. If you only have 48 hours in Positano you will see the fabulous views as depicted in Under the Tuscan Sun movie and you will fall in love with this beautiful village.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

If you are spending the day in Positano (and you should) you can get some sun on the Spiaggia Grande beach which is one of the largest on the Amalfi Coast, as well as one of the most glamorous, attracting a fashionable crowd of artists, actors, and celebrities.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Amalfi Coast – Ravello

When you had your fill of relaxing in Positano (like that is going to happen) head to the ferry and move towards Amalfi stopping at Ravello where you can enjoy the iconic cliffside gardens. The 13th-century, Moorish-style Villa Rufolo offers far-reaching views from its terraced gardens and hosts indoor and outdoor concerts during the popular summertime Ravello Festival.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri


Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Amalfi, the namesake town of Italy’s famous coast, is a gem with old-world charms. Once the capital of a powerful maritime republic, this Italian town is a combination of centuries of intricate history, dramatic natural scenery, and delicious fresh seafood. At the centre of the main square, there is the beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrew, with its impressive staircase, the bell tower in Arab-Norman style and the charming Cloister of Paradise.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Amalfi coast towns

There are 13 towns on the Amalfi coast spreading across this incredible strip of land kissed by the sun and called the Amalfi Coast. It was declared by UNESCO “World Heritage Site and a tour of the area should not be missed when visiting Italy.

Amalfi, the town that gives its name to the coast, is situated at the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini. It looks like a cluster of white houses clinging to the rock and connected to each other by covered alleys and stairways.

Atrani, a beautiful and charming town situated at the mouth of the Valle del Dragone, is a natural amphitheatre on the sea, offering the visitor picturesque views as well a gorgeous beach to relax on.

Cetara, a fishing village gathered around the main church dedicated to St. Peter.

Conca dei Marini, a coastal village with a centuries-old maritime tradition, is a natural balcony overlooking the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and terraced gardens.

Furore, also known as “the town that doesn’t exist”, for its urban layout characterized by scattered villages surrounded by terraced vineyards. It is also called “the painted village”, for the beautiful “en plain air” murals on the typical whitewashed houses.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Maiori became the favourite setting of the Italian neo-realist director Roberto Rossellini after WWII. The wide promenade is bordered by the Norman Tower, on the East side, the marina and the charming Miramare Castle on the West side.

Minori has a long tradition in the production of handmade pasta as well as in the processing of the famous Amalfi coast lemon PGI. Surrounded by lush terraced gardens, the small town of the Divine coast hides architectural treasures of great value, including Roman Villa ruins and an Arabic Norman bell tower.

Praiano is a charmer with its narrow streets and houses, leading directly to the sea. Here you can enjoy the most romantic sunset on the whole coast: the purple sun slowly disappears behind the mountains, illuminating in the background Capri.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Scala, the oldest town on the Amalfi coast and birthplace of fra’ Gerardo Sasso, founder of the Knights of Malta, is surrounded by dense forests of chestnut trees. The ruins of the Basilica of Sant’Eustachio, the largest church in the Duchy of Amalfi, is situated in a panoramic position and still show the beautiful inlay work on the exterior side of the apses, frescoes and precious marble.

Tramonti, the hill town of the Amalfi coast, surrounded by the green and lush vegetation of the Lattari Mountains, is the perfect place to enjoy the authentic flavours of the local cuisine.

Vietri sul mare is the first town on the Amalfi coast coming from Salerno is famous for the production of bright coloured artistic ceramics since the XV century.

Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

Before booking your flight tickets, it is good to explore everything about the cities and coastal areas online. This way, you can prepare the best itinerary within budget.

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Exploring the Stunning Amalfi Coast and Capri

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