The Stunning Amalfi and Capri Coast

The Capri and Amalfi coast is a stunning destination in the southern part of Italy. They are situated near the Sorrentine Peninsula, which is the bay away from Naples. Amalfi is a popular destination for travellers and you will find many people travelling to see these outstanding landscapes.

beach umbrellas on the Amalfi and Capri Coast

Best Itinerary for exploring the Amalfi and Capri coast

A large number of groups travel every year to enjoy the scenic beauty and weather along the shore. On the other hand, Capri is well-known for Roman remains and beautiful oceanic rocks that are partly eroded by sea waves.

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Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

Once you reach Sorrento, it is easily identified through its clock tower in the Cathedral, located over the Corso Italia. Old Sorrento is attractive with its narrow streets, alleyways, colourful shops, and quaint trattorias. Marina Grande is also a beautiful spot alongside the seashore where you can watch fishermen and take a ferry to Capri. If you also want to visit Amalfi, it’ll be a perfect trip to remember.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

Anyone travelling to the Sorrentine Peninsula should visit Capri and Amalfi to view the natural scenic beauty. Local residents, food, destinations, and attractions are incredible in both coastal areas. People often take ferries to travel Amalfi to Capri in warm months to enjoy both coastal areas. The trip can be of 12 to 15 days, but it will be worth it.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

While preparing an itinerary always ensure to book the tickets online beforehand. Travellers often face trouble after reaching the destination because the ferries are booked and they have to waste one or two days waiting for their turn or return empty hand. There may be many sites that will provide you with information on booking tickets online. Many third-party sites claim to provide you with the best deal.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

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Going through Bookaway, assure a guaranteed booking of transportation tickets online. They aren’t any travel agency, but a bridge that covers the gap between travellers and local suppliers. They help travellers in comparing the price of various local suppliers and also provide true information about the services like toilet and Wi-Fi availability on board, etc.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

I would spend two weeks on a trip to Sorrento, and the Capri and Amalfi Coast. Generally, people land on the Sorrentine Peninsula and explore Sorrento. From there they take a ferry to Amalfi, enjoy a few days of stay and take another ferry to Capri. This entire trip may take 10 to 15 days and later you return back to Sorrento to take a flight. However, let’s take it the other way round to make it more convenient.

First Day

You might find reaching Capri a bit hectic because you might have to take connecting flights from your home or change a ferry after arriving at the Sorrentine Peninsula. After reaching Capri, check in your hotel and relax for some time. Then order a beer or any alcohol of your choice and sit on the lawn or terrace and enjoy the enchanting beauty around. This means you need to book a hotel that is in a good location from where you can see nature closely from all corners.

2nd to 6th Day – Capri

You get at least five days to enjoy yourself in Capri. This means you have ample time to explore nicely Roman-style Villa Jovis, and Monte Solaro. Rent a boat to spend one full day in the water. While at night enjoy drinks and food in the best restaurants near the lighthouse. Shopping is also important, so don’t forget the street shops and marketplace to explore.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

7th to 8th Day – Amalfi

Now it’s time to take a ferry and move towards Amalfi. It takes an hour from Capri to Amalfi. On reaching your destination, you can check into your hotel and head towards the hilltop Ravello. Enjoy the concert held in Ravello and visit the Cathedral of St. Andrews. Later, in the evening take a walk at the Seaside of Amalfi and enjoy the sunset beauty.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

9th Day – Positano

You can either move towards Positano and enjoy the drinks and dine in the best restaurants near the seashore or stay in the hotel the entire day and relax. If you only have 48 hours in Positano you will see the fabulous views as depicted in Under the Tuscan Sun movie and you will fall in love with this beautiful village.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

10th to 11th Day – Sorrentine Peninsula

On these two days, you can enjoy lunch and dinner in the best restaurant. Don’t forget to spend one whole day in St. Agata Sui Due Golfi. Later in the afternoon take a walk around the Bay of Ieranto to watch the sunset.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast


You can spend one day in Sorrento as it will be your first trip. However, after your trip ends, you will find that Sorrento is overrated. It is just a transportation hub from where you get a ferry, cars, or train to move to different locations. Most people arrive at Sorrento and then start their trip to Amalfi and Capri by booking a ferry.

12th to 13th Day – Pompeii to Naples

This is optional. If you are short of time, then directly move towards Naples and board your flight home or spare a day and spend some time in Pompeii. The Italians have tried their best to preserve their culture but in vain. Still, it isn’t a disappointment as you can observe their history and enjoy it. Then the next day travel to Naples and spend a night there. Explore the city as much as you can, dine at the best place because it is the last day of your vacation, and board your earliest flight home.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

Many travellers don’t want to take so much hassle so they book a direct train or car to Sorrento from Naples. They start their trip from Sorrento – Amalfi – Capri – Sorrento – Naples. This trip is also convenient, but there is a lot of travelling involved.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

Before booking your flight tickets, it is good to explore everything about the cities and coastal areas online. This way, you can prepare the best itinerary within budget.

Travelling and exploring the Amalfi and Capri Coast

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