Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food

Welcome I’m Faith and I’m member of the Jones Generation and a mature traveller. I have lived on 3 continents and visited over 30 countries in my lifetime and most of that was done after I turned 50. I’m now at the grand old age of 64 and travel as a housesitter with my husband across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

international housesitting, hubs and I plus our friends in Spain
That’s us in the middle

We both emigrated to Canada as children from Ireland and have the great advantage of having both Irish and Canadian passports. This allowed us to travel extensively through Europe while finding a new home in Ireland. When we first took early retirement we moved to Mexico which we loved but our overwhelming desire was to try living in Ireland and then the UK, France, Italy and Spain we we are still exploring.

View of The Stairway to Heaven at Cuilcagh mountain from the top
Stairway to Heaven – Northern Ireland

Mature travel

International housesitting makes us sound like James Bond wannabees but it is a brilliant way to visit places you may never have been able to afford to, see historic sites, live in different cultures and enjoy some of the best food the world has to offer. 

View of Chenonceaux, a small medieval town in Provence, France

We have explored over 30 countries to date and lived abroad in 10 countries including: Canada, Mexico, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, England, Scotland, Wales, Cyprus and of course we plan to live in many more.

Exploring Ireland and Europe

We are lucky and have Irish passports even though we were raised in Canada and have found that an EU passport gives us access to many more places to experience slow travel.

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Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Vintage cafe on the corner of the old city in Italy


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Beeston - May 25 2022: Ruins of Beeston caslte, England.


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food


Tourists at the Horseshoe Fall, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada - pros and cons of living in Canada


Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food



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Voted one of the Top Travel Blogs of 2019 

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Ireland, Europe & the world of food”

  1. the result of having many different jobs in a lifetime and being a mentor to other small businesses through my local small business centre – I can wear many hats…lol…

  2. Hi Mary yes absolutely there are lots of single ladies housesitting. Check out my article on housesitting for Newbies you will see lots of resources there to check out. In particular join the FB groups about housesitting you will see lots of single women housesitting and you can get a feel for it. Many of the women I know will go for 2 or 3 weeks as a mini vacation if you like and they go by themselves.

  3. LOL sure you can say that I just took a look at their photos and its true (although Stuart wouldn’t take kindly to the comparison…lol) Thanks for the words of encouragement that just made my day. I just double checked that I was following you on all your channels as well love some of your posts have bookmarked the Coliseum one as we hope to get back there soon.

    1. Thanks Faith. The Colosseum is definitely a must do one day. Love your posts as always. I’ve just followed you on the rest of SM as well. Maybe someday we’ll run into each other in some corner of the globe. šŸ˜‰

      1. That would be a treat – we shall have to keep in touch. I am off to Northern Ireland for 6 months at the end of October really looking forward to that. If you are there you must get in touch and we shall meet for coffee.

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