Guide for Living Abroad and moving to the country of your dreams

The prospect of living abroad may appear daunting to many, but for some, it presents an exhilarating opportunity for various reasons. I moved to Canada with my family when I was 8 years old and never felt like I fitted in there so when I was 20 I went travelling. I lived in England for over 10 years and then returned to Canada and still didn’t fit. So when my husband and I decided upon early retirement we decided to explore out options.

Living Abroad

We are very lucky as both of us could obtain Irish passports which allowed us to travel Europe by housesitting. So far we have lived in Ireland, England, France, Spain, Cyprus, and Mexico and we are still searching for the perfect place to settle.

Living Abroad

While you may be intimately familiar with your hometown or city, living abroad gives you the chance to see the world, perhaps as a digital nomad or simply a retiree. Perhaps there’s a particular destination you’ve always yearned to explore or a culture that has captivated your interest choosing to live abroad enables you to fully immerse yourself in another culture and experience life as a local.

Living Abroad

Countless individuals across the globe dream of living abroad, and each year, millions of expats transform this dream into reality. However, it is important to acknowledge that living abroad entails its fair share of pros and cons. Factors such as health care, safety, the cost of living, and job prospects are just a few among the many considerations to ponder before packing your bags and setting off.

If you are contemplating the idea of living abroad in a new country, consider the following practical advice from expats who have chosen to move from their home country before you consider living abroad.

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