Food and Drink: Travelling for Food

Whether you’re eating fresh tamales in a banana leaf in the Yucatan or trying crickets in Vietnam food is always about more than simply eating.

Food is about communication, history, stories, authenticity and culture. Food triggers memories both good and bad. Food is more than just what you eat every day. This site is dedicated to exploring food in all its various guises – you won’t find stacks of recipes here but what you will find will encourage you to explore the world of food, travel for it, taste it, and learn about it.

London in 2 days - London, United Kingdom - July 22, 2016: Leather Lane Street Market - street in Holborn with great streetfood, fruit and vegetables and clothes stalls, very popular with office workers Monday to Friday

Authenticity in food is elusive, but it is something people are always looking for when they travel and food is a place where people search for it.

Come along with me on a culinary journey to learn more about local cuisines around the world, discover the vast history of food, and understand herbs, spices and where they come from. Here you will find insights into local culinary customs and food history, you can explore food culture and then journey out to taste the world’s kitchens.

A group of people exploring the world of food, eating delicious dishes at a table.

Food Culture what is it?

Food Culture can be defined as the attitudes, beliefs and practices that surround the production and consumption of food. Food Culture incorporates our ethnicity, and cultural heritage and provides a mechanism of communication with others both externally and within our families and communities.

BUNOL, SPAIN - AUGUST 28: La Tomatina festival in August 28, 2013 in Bunol, Spain. Battle of tomatoes at street of spanish town

Food tourism what is it?

Food tourism may sound like some kind of new trend but culinary experiences, culinary tourism, gastronomy tourism, travelling for food and travel for food have all been around for a very long time – we just didn’t call it that. Foodie is a term that has been mocked as pretentious or affected and folks who call themselves foodies have been made the butt of many a joke.

Travel for food and drink

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