Tips for visiting Malta


  • Capital city: Valletta – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Total Population: 443,329 people.
  • Currency: Euro
  • Official languages: Maltese, English, Maltese Sign Language
  • Malta is one of The World’s Smallest Countries – the 10th smallest and 5th most densely populated
  • Malta’s capital Valletta was the first ever planned city in Europe. During the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the city was sketched out, in 1565.
  • There are more Tourists than Residents in Malta, 3 times more.
  • In Malta, people drive on the left. 
  • Malta was ruled by several empires throughout history, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights Templars, French, and finally the British.
  • The Maltese islands are home to some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, with some thought to be dating back to 3,600 BC, some 5,000 years ago. Its megalithic temples are older than the Pyramids of Egypt, The Great Wall of China, and even Stonehenge in England.

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