Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

Paros, one of the most idyllic of Greek Islands is gaining popularity. With so much buzz you might be wondering, Is Paros worth visiting? 

I have to say, I just fell in love with the island when I visited last summer. It is one of these islands that still feels like a hidden gem.

The small island of Paros has just about everything you want to find on a Greek island. Good food, incredible beaches, and a little bit of nightlife. But not too much, like Mykonos. 

Beautiful whitewashed houses on the island of Paros Greece. Fuschia pink flowers tumble over a blue railing on the 2nd floor of the house. Is Paros worth visiting?

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Not all Greek Island travel guides include those details on why a place like Paros is so special. But I made extra sure to add insider tips on the best beautiful beaches, local favorite eateries, and lesser-known spots.

Plus, I’ve included personal anecdotes and recommendations to give readers a true sense of Paros’ unique charm and character.

Is Paros worth visiting?

Below are all the reasons I think Paros is a great place to visit in 2024! 

1. The Secret Gardens of Marathi Marble Quarries

One of the coolest things to do in Paros is check out the Marble Caves. Here you will find underground caves to explore as well as a gift shop selling marble items. 

History buffs will be interested to know these Quarries are a source of the island’s historical wealth and a photographer’s dream.

The deep marble caves on Paros Island Greece

2. Sunsets at Parikia’s Windmills

Watching the sunset at Parikia’s windmills is really special. It’s amazing to see the sun go down next to these cool old windmills. 

The whole sky changes color, and everything gets this nice, warm glow. It’s super peaceful, and it’s one of those must-do things in Paros. 

You’re right there by the sea, and it feels like you’re part of a postcard. It’s a perfect way to end your day on the island.

The Parikia Windmill a white stone tower with a spiky windmill vanes and a small blue window at the top.

3. Naoussa: A Stroll Through a Postcard

Ever wonder what the experience of wandering through a living postcard is? Naoussa, one of the main towns is a picturesque village straight out of a magazine. 

As you meander through its narrow, cobblestone streets, you’re greeted with the charming blend of traditional Cycladic architecture and vibrant bougainvillea. 

A beautiful shot of an outdoor cafe in the narrow bystreet in Paros, Greece

The old port of Naoussa, with its quaint fishing boats and crystal-clear waters, adds to the village’s magical allure, making every corner worthy of a photo. 

In Naoussa, every moment feels like stepping into a beautifully painted scene, where the laid-back island life is always just a stroll away.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

4. Antiparos Island: A Day Trip to Remember

A day trip to the nearby island of Antiparos is a real treat when you’re in Paros. It’s just a quick ferry ride away and offers a more relaxed, authentic Cycladic experience. 

Over there, you can soak up the laid-back vibe, explore charming villages, laze around on quieter sandy beaches, and enjoy delicious local dishes. 

Antiparos is the perfect spot to unwind and experience the chilled-out side of Greek island life.

Antiparos, Greece Greek street with souvenir shops on Antiparos Island. Cyclades

5. Agios Ioannis Detis: The Church on the Edge

If you can, definitely check out Agios Ioannis Detis in Paros. This monastery sits right on a cliff, giving you an amazing view of the sea. 

It’s a really peaceful place, great for enjoying the scenery and relaxing. It’s one of those spots in Paros that’s really worth a visit.

Woman sitting at Monastery of St. John's of Deti in Paros, Greece

6. The Labyrinthine Charm of Old Town Parikia

Walking around Parikia’s Old Town is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in Paros. 

The streets are narrow and twisty, and every corner has something new, like a cool little café or a shop full of neat stuff. It’s a mix of old and new, where you can really feel the laid-back island vibe. 

Just wandering around here, you’ll find lots of cool surprises that make Paros special.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

7. A Taste of Tradition at the Moraitis Winery

If you love wine then you must try the a tasting at Moraitis Winery in Paros. You will find it located in Naoussa just near the Beach of Aghioi Anagryroi. This highly rated winery open from Monday to Saturdary from 11:00 to 16:00. 

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

8. Butterflies and Myths: The Valley of the Butterflies

Located on the beautiful island of Paros, about 7 km west of Parikia and near the Monastery of Christos sto Dasos, is a place known as “Butterflies Valley” or “Petaloudes” in Greek. During the months of June to September, swarms of butterflies named Euplagia quadripunctaria, or Jersey tiger moth, settle on this small oasis. They choose this place to spend the last phase of their life.

I had a great morning there, surrounded by dense greenery and plenty of spring water. “Petaloudes” is a special spot of natural beauty, perfect for a peaceful break.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros
©Butterflies Paros

9. Sea Kayaking to Secluded Beaches

If you love water sports of any kind, then you must experience sea kayaking to the to hidden coves and beaches that are inaccessible by land. Paros is renowned for its diverse coastline, from the captivating Kolymbithres beach with its intriguing rock formations and secluded coves to the expansive golden sandy bays of Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti, Aliki, Pounda, Livadia, and numerous others. The island’s shores offer a rich variety of landscapes.

Tourists kayaking at Paros Cyclades, Greece

Paros is visited by the seasonal meltemi wind, creating optimal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Professional sports centers on the island cater to water sports enthusiasts, offering guided sessions in various activities, high-quality equipment, and safety guidelines to ensure a fulfilling and safe experience.

In Paros, the best places to that offer this are Xtreme Freece and Sea Kayak. These day trips will include everything you need including lunch depending on the tour you book. 

10. Where to eat on Paros

Obviously on a Island you can find some of the best seafood in the world and Paros is no exception. The most genuine seafood tavernas in Paros can be found along the eastern side of the island in Piso Livadi. Nestled in this charming fishing village are multiple restaurants owned by local fishermen, who skillfully prepare the catch of the day, often caught in the early morning. Each restaurant along this picturesque strip offers an exceptional dining experience. Additionally, Piso Livadi boasts three small beaches, making it an idyllic destination to relax and enjoy a delightful day by the sea.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

Paros is a foodie paradise and you should look out for local dishes of Kalfas which are garlic, baked chickpeas in a clay pot, artichokes with broad beans, rice with sweet zucchini and string beans with garlic. Don’t forget to try the famous Greek coffee Frappe as well.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

11. Best Time to visit Paros

If you’re thinking of hitting up Paros, aiming for the shoulder season is your best bet – that’s late spring or late September / early october. 

This is when Paros really shines, with the perfect weather minus the crazy crowds. You get to soak in all the island’s charm, from those golden beaches to the picturesque Old Town of Parikia, without bumping elbows with a ton of tourists.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

And let’s talk about prices. Paros is kinda like the Goldilocks of the Greek islands – not as high-end as Mykonos but a tad pricier than some other spots. 

Planning your trip in the shoulder season means your wallet gets a bit of a break, and you still get all the cool experiences and stunning scenery Paros is famous for.

So, whether you’re there for the marble quarries, the crystal clear waters of Kolymbithres Beach, or just to chill in the charming village of Naoussa, Paros in the shoulder season is a win-win. Believe me, it’s totally worth every penny and every minute.

​Best Way to Get To Paros

Getting to Paros is pretty straightforward and part of the adventure. If you’re flying in, the easiest way is to land at Athens’ international airport and then catch a domestic flight to Paros. 

The island has its own airport which has been updated in recent years, making it super convenient to fly directly there. The flight is short and sweet, giving you just enough time to get excited about your upcoming island escape.

Getting to Paros by ferry is a common and convenient way, especially if you are traveling from other islands or even Island hopping, or the mainland of Greece. Paros is well-connected by ferry services from various ports in mainland Greece and other islands. The Paros Ferry departs from these ports include Piraeus (Athens), Rafina, and other neighboring islands like Mykonos and Santorini. You can also reach the gorgeous island of Naxos by ferry.

Paros, Greece Tourists traveling on a Greek ferry boat through the cyclades of Greece

But if you’re up for a bit more of a scenic route, taking a ferry from Athens is the way to go. You can hop on a ferry from Piraeus, the main port of Athens, and a sail across the beautiful Aegean Sea to the port of parikia. 

The ferry ride gives you a chance to take in the stunning coastal views and maybe even spot some other gorgeous Greek islands along the way. 

Top Tips for Visiting Paros

1. Early Hotel Booking in Hotspots Like Naoussa or Parikia: Paros can be a magnet for visitors, especially in its most loved towns. To snag the best boutique hotels or cozy stays, make your reservations well ahead of time. You’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re lounging in the perfect spot, with views of the Aegean Sea and a refreshing drink in hand.

2. Get Your Own Ride: While Paros might not be the largest of the Cycladic Islands, having a car or scooter is like having a VIP pass to the island. You get to dash off to those sandy beaches and charming villages that public transport doesn’t always reach. Remember, an international driver’s license is your golden ticket here!

3. Discover Hidden Beach Gems: Everyone raves about the popular beaches, but the real magic lies in the lesser-known ones. Beaches like Molos or Glyfa offer that chill, unspoiled vibe. They’re less packed, but every bit as beautiful – perfect for those peaceful beach day selfies. 

4. Feast Like a Local: Avoid the touristy spots and dive into the local food scene. Paros is a festival of flavors, offering everything from seafood freshly caught in the crystal clear waters to classic Greek delights. Tip: Wander off the beaten path and ask locals for their go-to tavernas. 

5. Naoussa Nightlife – A Lively yet Laid-back Experience: Naoussa isn’t just about the old port’s charm during the day; its nightlife is a must-see. Unlike the high-energy vibe of Mykonos, Naoussa offers a more relaxed yet vibrant scene. Picture yourself in quaint bars or small clubs, soaking up the atmosphere or dancing away under the starry sky.

Remember, whether it’s exploring the old port of Naoussa, lounging on golden beaches, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of Paros, these tips are your key to an unforgettable Greek island adventure!

Best Hotels Paros

What are the top towns and beaches to consider in Paros? Opt for Parikia or Naoussa for a perfect blend of walkable surroundings, diverse dining options, vibrant nightlife, shopping opportunities, and convenient beach access. Alternatively, choose Antiparos or Chrissi Akti for a serene beach retreat with a laid-back atmosphere.

Parocks Luxury Hotel and Spa

Located in Ambelas, a 9-minute walk from Aspros Gremos Beach, PAROCKS Luxury Hotel & Spa has accommodations with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a fitness center and a garden. Among the various facilities are a restaurant and a bar. The property provides a 24-hour front desk, airport transportation, room service and free WiFi throughout the property.

Nestled just a brief stroll away from the beach and the picturesque port of Ambelas, this luxurious spa and hotel in Paros ensures that every guest enjoys the indulgence of a private pool or jacuzzi. Each room or suite offers expansive views over the Paronaxia strait, and the entire space exudes a sense of tranquility, enveloped in soothing earthy tones.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

Privacy takes center stage in the design philosophy, with discreet corners carefully integrated and private terraces providing intimate spaces. The resort’s spacious outdoor areas ensure that you’re never within earshot of neighboring sunbeds. The unobstructed sea views become the focal point, allowing the resort itself to adopt a minimalist approach, featuring natural, understated materials and gentle hues that harmonize with the serene surroundings.

Mythic Paros , Adults Only

Located in Agia Irini Paros, a 19-minute walk from Taverna Livadaki Beach, Mythic Paros, Adults Only provides accommodations with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a fitness center and a garden. Each room at the 5-star hotel has sea views, and guests can enjoy access to a restaurant and to a bar. The property has a 24-hour front desk, airport transportation, room service and free WiFi throughout the property.

Perched seamlessly into the hillside, Mythic commands an elevated position above Paros, and as the sun descends, painting the sky with a mesmerizing array of golden hues, Mythic comes alive with all the guests moving outside to enjoy the sunsets.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

The location of Mythic provides sweeping vistas that extend from one end of the island to the other. Beyond the enchanting sunset, Mythic boasts two infinity pools with double sun loungers. Perched above the water is a spa with a sandy floor, offering a unique setting for rejuvenation, while sunrise yoga awaits at the pinnacle of the resort.

The individually decorated rooms are scattered throughout the various levels, with many featuring the added luxury of a plunge pool. All rooms are strategically oriented to face the sea, ensuring that each guest enjoys a breathtaking view.

Kalypso Hotel, Naousa

If you are looking for a more budget friendly hotel try the Kalypso Hotel in Naousa. The Kalypso accommodations present three distinct options: a relaxed boutique hotel situated by the beach, a complex featuring 14 apartments located half a kilometer up the road, and expansive seafront villas by the bay (although it’s worth noting that the villas come with a significantly higher price tag).

Both the hotel and apartments provide a range of room options, including single, double, or family rooms, all housed in classically whitewashed buildings. Essential modern conveniences such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and refrigerators are available, with the apartments featuring kitchenettes for added flexibility. Additionally, private balconies invite you to savor a glass of Greek wine while overlooking the tranquil bay.

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

Other Greek Islands You’ll Love:

So, Milos, right? It’s this lesser-known spot in the Cyclades, but oh boy, does it pack a punch with its beauty! It’s like nature went all out here with beaches that look like they’re from another planet. 

Panoramic view of the pictorial Kleftiko cove located at the south coast of Milos island, Cyclades, Greece

And the fishing villages? Picture-perfect. You’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of this island, so figuring out how to get around Milos is key. 

Rent a car, grab a scooter, or hop on the local buses – each option gives you a unique way to uncover Milos’ secrets.

Then there’s Mykonos. It’s the island where the party never stops, but it’s got this elegant side too, with its charming old town and iconic windmills. The beaches are basically heaven on earth. But here’s a heads up – Mykonos can get super busy, and there are a few tourist traps. 

Is Paros Worth Visiting: 10 Reasons I Love Paros

To really enjoy Mykonos without the usual hiccups, you should know the things to avoid. Trust me, a little bit of insider knowledge goes a long way in making your Mykonos trip unforgettable.

Final Thoughts Paros

Wrapping it all up, Paros is this enchanting mix of beauty, charm, and adventure that’s just waiting to be explored. 

From the Marble Quarries’ secret gardens to the vibrant Paros Food Market, this island is a patchwork of unforgettable experiences. 

And with insider tips on hotels, transport, and the best spots to visit, you’re all set for a trip that’s as smooth as the Aegean Sea. 

Whether you’re kayaking to hidden beaches, getting lost in the Old Town’s labyrinth, or just soaking in those stunning sunsets, Paros promises memories that’ll stick with you long after your tan fades.

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