24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

The Wild Atlantic Way coastal route along County Donegal is my favourite part of the world. This is the real wild west of Ireland. The Donegal coastline of the Wild Atlantic Way has everything for the visitor from lighthouses to cliffs to Star Wars filming locations and beautiful beaches. There are so many things to do in Donegal you could visit for months.

A view of Donegal Town lit up for Christmas. The Diamond is list up with lots of Christmas lights and there is a decorated tree in the centre of the Diamond. All the best things to do in Donegal
Donegal Town lit up for Xmas

If you visit Ireland Donegal is a must-see and you will forever be changed by a visit to Donegal where they say “it’s different up here”. Visitors ask what are the best places to visit in Donegal? Well here is my answer to that 24 beautiful places to see in Donegal.

You may hear Donegal referred to as “the forgotten county.” The most northerly county on the island, it’s not in Northern Ireland. It is a place ignored by the rest of the country for the most part and the politicians in Dublin do tend to forget it exists – which to be honest makes most Donegalers very happy. Donegal is a Gaeltacht region, meaning the Irish language is spoken in many areas exclusively although they can and do speak English.

Winter sunset at the Glenveagh National Park in County Donegal - Ireland.

Where is Donegal?

I see some folks still are not sure where Donegal actually is. So where is Donegal? It is the most northern part of the Republic of Ireland, in fact, it is further north than Northern Ireland. Here is a great map of Donegal and its location from the Go Visit Donegal site – which I may add has some brilliant resources if you plan a visit.

Map of Tourist attractions in Donegal

A map of all the tourist attractions you can find in Donegal.

There’s a link to a downloadable version of the map as well. 

How to get to Donegal

To get to County Donegal from Dublin the drive is around 3 hours and you will nip in and out of the North on your way. From Shannon Airport the drive is just over 3 hours as well. If you really want to do an Irish road Trip to Donegal I would highly recommend renting a car in Ireland, particularly if you want to visit this part of Ireland. Donegal is pretty remote but that is what makes it so special.

Don’t forget Donegal was a major part of the filming for Star Wars and there is an amazing May the 4th Be With You Festival that you shouldn’t miss if you are a Star Wars fan.

photo of R2D2 and C3Pio at the newly named R2D2 road in Ireland 14 Top Things to do in Donegal Wild Atlantic Way Ireland things to do in Donegal
From the ©Irish Times
14 Top Things to do in Donegal Wild Atlantic Way Ireland the view of the Bluestack mountains in Donegal where you can hike and enjoy stunning scenery

Donegal Road Trip guides

Donegal is best seen by renting a car, it’s about 3 hours from Dublin or 4 if you take the bus. Donegal is where you should get lost and enjoy all the hidden sites, beaches, and pubs. But there are tours to the North West of Ireland that will include Donegal.

The stupendous cliffs at the Slieve League, stunning wild vistas and surfing beaches, pastoral landscapes strewn with rocks, and let’s not forget the mountains from Muckriss to snowcapped Errigal.  

These top things to do Donegal are just a taste of what Donegal offers, you could spend a lifetime exploring the area

Where to stay in Donegal

A Castle like Lough Eske makes for a luxury stay. Or what about Ireland’s best hotel Harvey’s Point both very close to Donegal Town.

Fancy staying in a thatched cottage that is self-catering perhaps Teac Chondai in Annagry is for you. This is a self-catering cottage near the beach and it is a traditional thatched cottage. Loughanure, Annagry.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Donegal?

The best time to visit Donegal I think is between the months of April through to June for the less touristed season and July through August if you only have a summer break. I also love September through November as they are cheaper months to visit and much less touristy. The only difficulty is that many of the sites you may want to see are not open or rather close around October. 

Getting Around Donegal 

To really see Donegal you need to rent a car. Don’t be afraid of the narrow roads out here, Donegal traffic is pretty sparse and you should have no problems with driving and a Donegal road trip will give you an unforgettable vacation.

There are wild camping areas in Donegal and if you chose to hire a camper van you can camp throughout the County. However, my warning would be that many roads here are just too narrow to get a camper down so be prepared for a lot of walking.

For more info, check out: Hiring A Campervan In Ireland – Everything You Need To Know

A view from above of Rossnowlagh beach in Donegal all the best things to do in Donegal.

24 places to visit in Donegal

In my personal opinion, these are the top 24 things to do in Donegal and you really need at least 3 days to take in all Donegal has to offer. The list includes megalithic sites, pubs, natural wonders, beaches, ruins and everything that makes it “different up here”. If you don’t have access to your own form of transport, then you can use tours to get across to the best tourist attractions Donegal has to offer.

It is all these things to do in Donegal that we chose to live here. We have beautiful clean air, great Sunday drives, the tourist season is not overwhelming all the things that make Donegal “the coolest place on earth”. An added bonus is the fact that distilling both whiskey and gin have returned to Donegal and you can tour the distillery.

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Where to stay in Donegal

There are a host of places to stay in Donegal depending on where you want to spend your time. I would recommend staying in Donegal Town in the southwest corner of Donegal which will allow you to explore most of the county and see the highlights and there are some brilliant places to eat in town.

The best things to do in Donegal

1  St. John’s Point

To visit St. John’s Point you will have to drive quite a ways until you see Coral Beach which is small but perfect near to the end of the point. Drive past by the beach and enter the gate that says Private Property, you don’t have to worry trespassing is not an issue here, from the beach you will drive down a very small trail road to the lighthouse itself and you can park on the side and walk down to the diving point. You cannot access the lighthouse as it is private property.  

In order to see many of these sites you will need to rent a car – here’s all you need to know about that.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, St. John's Point lighthouse all the best things to do in Donegal - the lighthouse is white with a large light and red fencing around the top

The views from the end of the point are spectacular, looking across Donegal Bay to the distinctive outline of Benbulben mountain in County Sligo, and to the nearby fishing port of Killybegs to one side and Bundoran on the other side.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, Killbegs Bay

2 Killaghtee Cross

Dunkineely is a typical Irish village with its small shops and at the edge of the village on the Killybegs side there is an old church and graveyard at Killaghtee.  In the graveyard, there is the Killaghtee Cross which is one of the oldest Celtic crosses in Ireland, dating from 650 AD. The Killaghtee Cross is a significant piece of Ireland’s Celtic heritage.  This early Irish Celtic cross was a precursor to the elaborately crafted Celtic High Crosses, for which Ireland became famous with the adoption of Celtic Christianity.

An ancient tombstone found in Donegal in the Killaghtee Cross is one of the oldest Celtic crosses in Ireland, dating from 650 AD. The Killaghtee Cross is a significant piece of Ireland's Celtic heritage

It is believed to mark the grave of Saint Aédh who was an early Irish Christian Bishop and reputed miracle worker.  It is said that he is descended from the Celtic High King of Ireland, Niall of the Nine Hostages.

The nameKillaghtee comes from ‘Cill Leacht Aédh’, it means ‘church and tomb of Aédh’, in Gaelic. The Cross is inscribed with a large Maltese style cross and just beneath the cross (although you can’t make it out very well is a Celtic trinity knot, which is associated with Saint Brigid.

3  Megalithic Triple Wedge Tomb

Wedge tombs are believed to date from the Late Neolithic to mid-Bronze Age and are approximately 4,000 to 4,500 years old. This wedge tomb can be found by driving into Dunkineely village and then taking the only right-hand turn in the village, you will see a small pine forest with a parking lot, take the path through the trees for a short walk and you will see the tombs.  The parking lot is on the right-hand side of the road and looks like it leads into a pine forest.

This kind of tomb apparently contains only one burial chamber, but the Dunkineely tomb has three which is unique to Ireland.  The tomb was originally covered by a mound of stones called a ‘cairn’.  Several of the cairn’s kerbstones are still in place.

This wedge tomb can be found by driving into Dunkineely village and then taking the only right-hand turn in the village, you will see a small pine forest with a parking lot, take the path through the trees for a short walk and you will see the tombs.  The parking lot is on the right-hand side of the road and looks like it leads into a pine forest.

4  Beltany Stone Circle

Near Raphoe you will find the Beltany, Stone Circle, to get to the circle you park your car at the Potato Centre of the Department of Agriculture and take a walk up a horse path.  Wear your wellies or good walking shoes as the path can get quite muddy and in the field, you are headed to there is lots of sheep poop.  The stone circle sits on top of a small hill with superb views of the surrounding countryside.  It has around 64 stones with a height of about 1.8 m and in the centre is what might have been a burial cairn.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, the Beltany stone circle. Near Raphoe you will find the Beltany, Stone Circle, to get to the circle you park your car at the Potato Centre of the Department of Agriculture and take a walk up a horse path.  Wear your wellies or good walking shoes as the path can get quite muddy and in the field, you are headed to there is lots of sheep poop.  The stone circle sits on top of a small hill with superb views of the surrounding countryside.  It has around 64 stones with a height of about 1.8 m and in the centre is what might have been a burial cairn.

The monument takes its name from the spring festival of Beltane, which has been celebrated by the lighting of fires on hilltops to symbolize a rekindling of the sun and a move into summer. The circle probably dates to the Late Bronze Age, about 1400 to 800 BC. This area has been a place of ritual worship for thousands of years.

Although there isn’t an Ogham stone at Beltany you can see one in Donegal at Inishowen.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

5  The Slieve League cliffs

These Cliffs are believed to be the highest in Europe and offer absolutely spectacular views and the rough and rugged landscape is a sight you must see before leaving Donegal.  There are several ways up the mountain. In season there is a shuttle bus to take you to the top viewing point, but during quieter seasons you pass the second parking lot and enter the trail by car through the gate, simply close the gate behind you and drive up to the viewing point.

These Cliffs are believed to be the highest in Europe and offer absolutely spectacular views and the rough and rugged landscape is a sight you must see before leaving Donegal.

The walk up from the second parking lot is around a kilometre and a half and is uphill all the way. There are no instructions anywhere but you are allowed to drive up beyond the gate which keeps the sheep in. This way is only open to you from late October until May, as there is a new visitor centre and to keep the Cliffs clear of traffic there are now shuttle buses operating during the tourist season.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, slieve league. These Cliffs are believed to be the highest in Europe and offer absolutely spectacular views and the rough and rugged landscape is a sight you must see before leaving Donegal.

Further up the coast, you will find the Stone Fort of Grianán of Aileach which sits on a hilltop in Inishowen. The view from here is simply breathtaking.  Lough Foyle and Lough Swilly can be seen as well as the entire peninsula.  The sparkling waters of the Loughs in the distance and the breezes blowing through the Fort transport you and you can easily believe that this place has witnessed much of Ireland’s history.

6  An Grianan Fort

Donegal is famous throughout Ireland for Grianán Ailigh. The origins of the Fort date back to around 1700 BC. It has always been connected to the Tuatha de Danann who invaded Ireland before the Celts and built stone forts on top of strategic hills. They worshipped Dagda (the Good God) and he too is associated with the origins of Aileach.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, the grianan

The Fort itself was built completely without mortar, the inside of the Fort has three terraces and it is believed that wooden structures were built around these to provide living areas.  Legend has it that the Giants of Inishowen lie sleeping below the fort and that when the sacred sword is removed they will come back to life and reclaim their ancient lands.

long shot of An grianan the fort

7  Donegal Castle

Fully restored in the ’90s the 15th Century Donegal Castle sits near the centre of Donegal Town. Built by the O’Donnell chieftains in the 15th Century, beside the river Eske in Donegal Town, Donegal Castle was rebuilt in Jacobean style in the 16th Century by Sir Basil Brooke, after Hugh O’Donnell burnt it to the ground rather than let it fall into enemy hands. Information panels chronicle the history of the castle and guided tours are available. The cost of a visit to the castle is €4.

Wild Atlantic Way Donegal, the Donegal Castle

8. Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

Enjoy a fabulous 5-star hotel stay in the restored Lough Eske Castle that was a vacant ruin about 15 years ago.

Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel

9  The Forge Pub Donegal Town

A great favourite with the locals is this tiny little pub that hosts live music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It truly is a hidden gem in Donegal.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

10 The Castle Bar Donegal Town

A traditional Irish bar, frequented by many locals, it sits in the shadow of the Castle and is recommended by many of the locals. If you want to stay in Donegal town and explore the area further this article may be of help. It details all kinds of things to do in Donegal Town, where to stay, what restaurants to eat at and much more.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

11 Glenveagh National Park

The Park is the second largest National Park in Ireland with over 170 square kilometres of the hillside above Glenveagh Castle on the shore of Lough Veagh. It is a drive of just under 50 minutes from Letterkenny. It has a dark history, red deer, bald eagles, fabulous hikes and scenery that will knock your socks off.


12 Glencolumcille

Glencolmcille is such a remote location that it suffered tremendously from the famine and the resulting mass emigration over the next 100 years all but made a ghost town of the place. In the 1950s however, it became a beacon of hope for other emigration-drained areas of Ireland. This tiny community managed to come back from the brink and create a community that valued both innovation and its traditions.

View of Glencolumcille on the Wild Atlantic Way

13 Atlantic Way Beaches of Donegal

There are literally hundreds of hidden beaches and coves along the Donegal shoreline. From surfing at Rossnowlagh to climbing ancient rock formations at Muckross to undiscovered hideaways like Inver beach Donegal will surprise you with its beaches and coastal adventures. The following is a very small list of some of Donegal’s best beaches some of which have won the blue flag beach honour.

  • Rossnowlagh Beach
  • Silver Strand Beach
  • Bundoran Beach
  • Killahoey Beach
  • Carrickfinn Beach
  • Stroove Beach
  • PortSalon Beach
  • Murder Hole Beach
  • Fintra Beach
  • Bundoran Beach
  • Portnoo Beach
Spectacular Tullan Strand, one of Donegal's renowned surf beaches, framed by a scenic back drop provided by the Sligo-Leitrim Mountains. Wide flat sandy beach in County Donegal,

Visiting the Best Beaches in Donegal

14  Take A Boat To Tory Island 

Tory Island is one of the magical places in Donegal to visit it is just one of the 36 plus Islands that dot the coast of Ireland. You can take a day trip over to the island or stay overnight if you wish.

Just off the coast of County Donegal near Dunganghy lies Tory Island. A place steeped in myth and majestic landscapes. If you’re planning a trip to this magical island, be aware that ferries travel daily from the mainland between April and October, and five times a week during the rest of the year. You can catch the ferry from Magheraroarty Pier just off the N56 to find the ferry times they have a very handy app for iPhones and androids.

Tory Island on the Wild Atlantic Way Donegal

Tory Island has a population of 130 thereabouts and they have a King who is elected to rule the Island. The language of Tory Island is Gaelic and it is considered part of the Gaeltacht. Sadly the King of Tory died in 2018 and a new one hasn’t been elected yet.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

There are daily ferries across to the island and it is a mecca for hikers and walkers. 

15. Errigal and the Poisoned Glen

It’s not Mount Errigal but simply Errigal and it’s close by the Poisoned Glen, Errigal and surrounding areas are within Glenveagh boundaries, and the main entrance lies a 10-minute drive from the Errigal Car Park.  The Poisoned Glen lies at the foot of Errigal.  The views here are probably some of the most photographed in Ireland. From Lough Dunlewey and the old Church is a photographers dream.

Dunlewey church ad views of the poinsoned glen in Donegal

16. Discover Kinnagoe Bay 

Kinnagoe Bay is where the Spanish ship La Trinidad Valencera was sunk in 1588. Part of the Spanish Armada many of Donegal’s citizens trace their ancestry back to the sailors that were saved by the locals. Kinnagoe is one of Donegal’s most beautiful secluded bays and it is near the town of Inishowen.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

17. Malin Head 

The furthest north you can go in Ireland Malin Head is absolutely worth a visit. The landscapes are stunning and if you walk or hike you will be in heaven. When visiting Malin Head you will spot the white stone word “Eire” written on the grass. Recently uncovered these stones date back to WWII so that it was a beacon for the N. American planes flying supplies into N. Ireland.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

Malin head is also the best place to photograph the Northern Lights from in Ireland. Clear skies, lack of light pollution and the skies present a performance like no other. If you are useless like me at photography then you need to know how to photograph the Northern Lights and make sure you capture those essential shots.

Aerial view of the Glenveagh National Park with castle Castle and Loch in the background - County Donegal, Ireland.

18.  Visit Fanad Head And Lighthouse

Fanad Head and the lighthouse that marks the head is a photographers dream. If you want to you can also stay in one of the 3 lightkeepers cottages beside the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse tour itself costs around €10 euros and it’s a climb to the top of 76 stairs but provides stunning views. These tours are all conducted by locals who will give you insight into the people of Donegal and the culture.

Fanad Head lighthouse in Ireland

19.  Explore Doe Castle

Located near the absolutely stunning Sheepshead Bay this is one of Ireland’s few remaining, fortified, Gaelic tower houses. Dating back to the 1420’s Doe was home to the McSweeney Clan for nearly 200 years.  Admission to the grounds is free and for €3 euro, you can take a guided tour. If you need a break there is a little cafe on the grounds as well. 

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

20.  Visit Doagh Famine Village

A replica of a picturesque Irish Village Doagh Famine Village is around an hour north of Letterkenny and costs €10 per adult. I have to admit I’ve been a few times and it is a beautiful location. The village is somewhat cheesy with tatty dummies used to highlight different areas.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

What we did enjoy was the guided tour which is included with your ticket price. Well worth it and you will learn a lot about the famine and its consequences. What was great fun as well was trying some locally brewed poitin – this hard liquor is NOT for the faint-hearted and is available to purchase.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

The Village is wheelchair accessible and has a nice little cafe with some great views and really good coffee. 

21.  Seaside Resort Of Bundoran

Bundoran is a relatively typical seaside town, full of penny arcade games, a Ferris wheel and various other attractions for the kids. It also has a great movie house and the local cafes serve some terrific fish and chips. 

things to do in Donegal visit Bundoran
©Donegal Online

22. Tullan Strand and the Fairy Bridges

You can reach Tullan Strand from Bundoran on foot and it is a well-loved place by locals for swimming and water sports like surfing. 

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

The big attractions at Tullan Strand though are the fairy bridges and the Wishing Chair. There is also a lovely memorial to the Canadian airmen who were killed when their plane went down in the sea here. 

23. Walk-in St. Patrick’s footsteps at Lough Derg

Lough Derg is an ancient sanctuary of St. Patrick and it is a pilgrimage site set on an island in the middle of the Loch. It welcomes pilgrims and you can spend the day or three days and walk in the footsteps of St. Patrick.

view of Lough Derg from a drone things to do in Donegal

According to the sanctuary over the past 150 years over 2 million people have spent time on the Island in prayer and contemplation. 

Tory Island off the coast of Donegal the cliffs and village

24 The Secret Waterfall

Donegal’ hidden waterfall has been a well known ‘secret’ for years. The waterfall at Largy is hunted for by tourists so they can get that Instagram photo or simply admire this gorgeous place.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

A couple of things to note, there is no parking so do not park on the road you can endanger lives doing that. Go up to the Largy lookout to park if no space come back later.

Check the tides you can get trapped at the waterfall if you are not careful and that could cost you your life.

24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

The path to the Hidden Waterfall

You can use Google Maps to locate the Largy Waterfall, but the land down to the coast is privately owned and you should ask permission before you make the trek. When you have permission to cross the farmer’s land on your way down to the waterline you turn right and walk along the coast. Warning: it is very slippery and not an easy path across the stones to the falls. You will hear the waterfall before you see it.

The Wild Atlantic Way is 2500 km of outstanding natural beauty that includes the Cliffs of Moher some of the most beautiful villages in Ireland and some of Ireland’s best surfing beaches

National Geographic voted Donegal the coolest place on the planet in 2017, so there is lots more to come.

Did you forget to buy those Irish gifts when you visited? No problem check out my Irish gift guide here.

What to pack when you visit Donegal

When you visit Ireland you may want to know what to pack personal experience tells me that I need a carry-on bag with those twisty wheels that go in all directions and has both carrying handles and a pull-out drag bar thingy. I want sturdy fabric, preferably in a day-glow colour so I can see the damn thing if I do have to check it. I also want soft sides that give a little – just in case. My recommended one?  Well, I pick the azure blue TravelproTravelpro Maxlite 5 19″ Expandable International Carry-On Spinner. I know it’s a mouthful but a great case.

Now this one may seem a little odd but I see a lot of N. Americans complaining on the Irish forums that most hotels and B&B’s don’t have washcloths. Well, that’s true I mean after all who wants to use a used washcloth. Take your own these are great quick-drying washcloths that are reusable and environmentally friendly.

Now if you are really concerned about the whole liquid issue why not take solid shampoo bars and body wash bars. These products are paraben and SLS free, TSA approved (so to speak) perfume-free and chemical-free. That makes them very environmentally friendly and they are so easy to use.

I love a multipurpose jacket Craghoppers 3 in 1 jacket. It’s windproof, waterproof and breathable and has a drawcord at the waist which helps me look like I have one. It’s not bulky and looks good even when not hiking.

Now you are going to need a 110v to 220v voltage converter so you can plug in hairdryers, phones, laptops or tablets and so on. My personal favourite and one that has lasted me 4 years is the Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

Trust me on this one you will have more photos than you can store on either your phone or your camera and you don’t want to be deleting any to take more before you get home.

This Ultra Scandisk chip will work under adverse weather conditions (we get a lot of those here) and keep your photos or drone footage totally safe. A flash drive for your Smart Phone or Android will also come in very handy.   

I’m not going to recommend cameras or other types of photographic equipment such as a drone because – well because I am a crap photographer who uses a good cell phone for most of my photos. Now I want a drone but I have to admit I haven’t bought one yet. So I was reading all kinds of reviews and know which one I want this a Holystone 1080P Drone.…sigh if only. This has a huge flying time of 26 minutes.

This little beauty is a Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger, which is an absolute, must-have when travelling. I keep mine charged and then bring it with me just in case. There is nothing worse than running out of juice when you are snapping some of the best views ever. You will never be out of power with this charger. 

Here in Ireland a Windproof Umbrella will save your hair and clothes and is a requirement. I really like this small portable travel umbrella. It’s windproof, waterproof, and folds down super small and will fit into any purse or suitcase.

I never would have dreamed of bringing a flashlight with me to Ireland, but when it’s dark here man it’s freaking dark. So one night we wanted to go and see the Northern Lights up in Donegal but we didn’t have a torch. Shopping for one here in Ireland became a journey to 5 stores and each one more expensive than the last. This torch is perfect it has 5 modes, is rechargeable, super lightweight and waterproof you couldn’t ask for more. 

To help you explore all the best things to do in Donegal and in Ireland you can download these 14 free travel apps to help you with your trip.

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24 Fantastic things to do in Donegal

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