Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

13 Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Seville is one of our favourite cities to visit in Spain and hopefully this article will make the most of your visit to Seville. There are so many things to do in Seville and it is easy to get to from Malaga many will make the drive or even take a train to Seville. Seville also happens to be one of the prettiest European cities you can visit.

Seville is one of the most famous cities in Spain and it is simply packed with things to do. The air is scented with oranges and the architecture ranges from the Mudéjar to the renaissance. The top things to do in Seville include enjoying dramatic flamenco, delicious tapa, art and festivals you will never forget.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

We love Seville for its vibrancy, its beauty and its expansive Spanish history. You really should spend at least 48 hours in Seville if you truly want to enjoy this incredible city. Seville is one of the best experiences you need to have in Spain

Magical Things to Do in Seville

Seville made its wealth in medieval times as a trading port. With river access to the sea from the Guadalquivir River, Seville provided protection for trading ships, allowing the city to prosper. Within the city centre, you will find 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites to learn more about how Seville developed. 

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What to do in Seville Spain

In 1987, three buildings in Seville were named UNESCO sites. These are definitely what to see in Seville if you don’t have a lot of time.

  1. Real (Royal) Alcazar of Seville
  2. Seville Cathedral
  3. Archive of the Indies

If you only have 48 hours in Seville, we recommend booking tours to see these fabulous buildings.  Not only will you be impressed with the architecture, but also with its incredible history.

And of course, a must do Seville is to experience the best of Flamenco while in Seville, along with tasting some of the many flavours of tapas.

Seville is, of course, the most beautiful city in Spain to visit but if you want to check out the 10 most beautiful cities in Spain and go visit these gorgeous other areas of Spain.

panoramic view of Seville

When is the best time to go to Seville?

If hot sun and high temperatures are not your ideal climate, then April and May, or September and October are temperate months to visit. The weather is still warm, but pleasant enough to walk and enjoy your Seville stay.

June, July and August are the hottest months with temperatures at times exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

For more information, Seville’s Tourism Office is the place to start.

Things to see in Seville

Getting around the city is easily done on foot, so pack a good pair of walking shoes. And walking is a lovely way to experience and see so much more. With most of the must-see places near each other, you can combine a walk with a stop for a great coffee or a glass of sherry wine.

Best Views over Seville

The Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in Seville with an archaeological museum and rooftop walkway that is now a City icon. has become a city icon. On the rooftop walkway, you have panoramic views over the city and the sunsets are amazing.

The Torre del Oro is a 13th-century watchtower in Seville, Spain. It is one of the most visible landmarks in the city and houses the Seville Maritime Museum. The museum is small but offers a lot of information about the founding of the city and its navy.


The Alcazar of Seville

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Originally constructed for King Peter of Castille on the site of a Muslim fortress, the Spanish royal family still uses the upper rooms as a personal residence todayThe Real Alcazar showcases an interior of Moorish and Gothic architecture which will have your jaw-dropping. Just the number of beautiful tiles decorating the interior rooms is stunning. The Real Alcazar is a Royal Residence and has been for over 1,000 years.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

And of course, to learn the history of the Palace and the historical events which took place within some of its many rooms.  Not only are the tiles for decoration, but also in some rooms, they tell a story of a historical event.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

One of our favourite rooms was the Maps Room where Christopher Columbus met to discuss the voyages of discovery. The walls are covered with various Coats of Arms.

A tour of Real Alcazar will take well over an hour with a guide, leaving you time at the end of the tour to enjoy the Gardens and find the Baths of Lady Maria de Padilla.  The baths were initially built as a garden to escape the heat of the Spanish sun.

Maria Luisa Park

The Maria Luisa Park was formerly a private garden of the Palace of San Telmo and was donated in 1893 by the Infanta Maria Luisa Fernanda de Borbon (Duchess of Montpensier) to the city.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Within its 34 hectares, you can stroll in the shady woods or visit the Garden of the Lions or sit by the Frog Fountain. The park is the perfect romantic place to wander in Seville.

Horse drawn Carriage rides

One of the most romantic things to do in Seville is to take a romantic horse drawn carriage ride around the city carriage “stations” are scattered almost everywhere in the city centre.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

The magnificent Seville Cathedral

When planning your Seville itinerary, make sure you add a visit to the third-largest cathedral in the world. It is also the resting place of Christopher Columbus, making the Seville Cathedral a must-see when in Seville.

The Seville Cathedral was made a UNESCO site in 1987 and dates to 1517, even though some of the interiors of the cathedral was only finished in the 20th century. And with 80 chapels, there is a lot to see inside.

But what makes the visit to the cathedral special, is knowing the cathedral was constructed over the Grand Mosque built in 1198.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Visit the Tomb of Christopher Columbus

The largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the burial place of Christopher Columbus, Seville Cathedral is a must-see. Columbus died in the Spanish city of Valladolid but it was his wish to be buried in the New World he had discovered. His daughter-in-law took the bones back to the Dominican Republic where they stayed until 1975.

SEVILLA, SPAIN, JUNE 25, 2019: Tomb of Christopher Columbus inside of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See in Sevilla, Spain

When the Spanish finally left the Caribbean they brought his bones back with them to Spain. On the tomb you will see the figures that represent the four regions of Spain: Leon, Aragon, Navarra and Castilla each of which wears the coat of arms of their respective kingdoms.

Walk the Plaza de España

The Plaza was built in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition this 50,000 square metre plaza contains impressive canals, fountains, Venetian-style bridges and stunning mosaic-tiled alcoves representing the 48 regions of Spain.

the buildings now hold government offices but have been used as locations for films and television shows such as Lawrence of ArabiaStar Wars: Attack of the Clones, and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is one of Seville’s most beautiful sites. Built during the 16th century, this is one of Seville’s stunningly preserved civil palaces and it is still the permanent residence of the Duke of Medinaceli.

Located in the historical centre of Seville, Casa de Pilatos is characterized by its fusion of Italian Renaissance, Gothic and Mudejar architecture. Feast your eyes on its marble gates, colourful tiles, ornate arches and simply incredible garden.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Visit the Giralda Tower

As you are nearby, why not visit La Giralda Bell Tower, originally built as the Marionet of the Great Mosque. Those men assigned to give the Call to Prayer for the Moors living in Seville would ride donkeys up to the top of the 104-metre tower.

Just be warned, be prepared for a climb.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

General Archives of the Indies

In this wonderful Spanish Renaissance building, you will find the historical documents of Spain’s interests and trading history in the Americas and the Philippines. 

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

The archives were commissioned by King Charles III in 1875, to be stored in what was once the merchant’s exchange building. It was here, that trade was discussed when built in 1646. To think, Christopher Columbus thought he had discovered India, when in fact it was the Americas.

The archives will also reveal the history of the Conquistadors, professional soldiers who travelled further than the Americas to secure lands for Spain. Hernan Cortes is famous for the downfall of the Aztec Empire of Mexico. You can read more of this period of history at National Geographic – Conquistadors Lost Ships.

Lose Yourself in Barrio Santa Cruz – the Jewish Quarter

One of the things to do in Seville is to walk the medieval quarter known as Santa Cruz.

Seville Spain’s points of interest definitely include Barrio Santa Cruz! This was the old Jewish Quarter in Seville, way back in 1248. When King Ferdinand took the city he confined the Jews to this area and today it is one of Seville’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

The narrow streets and tall buildings were constructed to ensure plenty of shade during the hot summer months. Look out for Calle Agua which runs along the walls of the Alcazar.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

The quarter is famous for its houses along cobblestoned narrow streets where Christians, Jews and Muslims once lived together in peace during the reign of King Fernando III.

You will also find lots of small restaurants offering some of the best Tapas to try.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

In the evening, find one of the small plazas hidden around the quarter to enjoy a local beer or wine with delicious tapas in the early evening.

Río Guadalquivir

The río Guadalquivir is the river of Seville, the only navigable river in Spain. This river has played a leading role in many of the city’s historic moments. Sieges, defences and conquests have been fought on its waters, and exploits and crossings have been forged from its shores.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

The “First Sailing Around the World” exhibition is, located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, next to the Gold Tower. In the exhibition centre, visitors may discover the very first planetary circumnavigation and experience, firsthand, the history behind Magellan’s ambitious adventure. You can also explore the Nao Victoria 500: a majestic life-size replica of the legendary ship that starred in that journey.

Flamenco Dance Museum

To experience Flamenco is to get a true and authentic feel of Spain you should visit the Flamenco Dance Museum. The Museo del Baile Flamenco was created by famous dancer Cristina Hoyos and it opened its doors in 2006. Its aim is to inform you about everything related to flamenco, its origins, influences and styles and about how it’s practised today

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Within the city of Seville, there are several places to enjoy traditional flamenco with folklore music dating back to 1774 with its origins from the region of Andalusia.

It was originally folklore singing but over time it has added guitar and dancing. The music will have you enthralled as you are taken back to medieval times when Flamenco singing was an outlet for those oppressed.

Flamenco is a nightly traditional not to be missed when in Seville. Seville offers the traveller a unique look into the past of the cultures that have formed the city.

Food in Seville

From Montadito de Pringá a speciality of Seville which reminds me of pulled pork to churros with chocolate and tapas the food you find in Seville rivals anywhere else in the world.

The cuisine of Seville is Andalusian that hails from the region of Southern Spain and it has been influenced by a multitude of flavours, from North African to Moors, Christians, Jews, and Romans. Regional Andalusian cuisine includes; gazpacho, gambas (shrimp) right at the water’s edge, octopus, paellas, almorejo (an almond soup) and a host of other delicacies.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Hotels in Seville

Hotel Alfonso XIII, is a luxury hotel that sits right next to Seville’s Real Alcazares inside one of the city’s landmark neo-Mudéjar buildings. Built by King Alfonso XIII back in 1929. One of Spain’s most prestigious hotels, Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville is located next to Seville’s Real Alcazares. It offers an outdoor swimming pool, gym and a typical garden courtyard with a fountain.

Alfonso XIII’s elegant design includes Arabic-style arches and ceramic tiles. Rooms are individually decorated and feature air conditioning, a minibar, a bathrobe and slippers.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

Hotel Palacio de Villapanes is a converted 18th-century palace situated just outside Seville’s historic Santa Cruz district. The hotel features a rooftop sun terrace with a small plunge pool and free WiFi.

The hotel offers elegant lounges and a typical central courtyard with marble columns and tiles. Traditional Andalusian cuisine is served in the restaurant, and you can enjoy tapas outside on the garden terrace. The hotel serves breakfast at an extra cost.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

The Black Swan Hostel Sevilla is located in the centre of Seville and features a communal rooftop terrace with city views. The modern hostel offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. It also offers a shared lounge and a kitchen.

Magical Things to Do in Seville Spain

With influences from the Moors, the Arabs, Gypsies, Jews and Christians, Seville is the city to put on your bucket list of travel destinations. If you only have 3 days to explore Seville then you need to check out Mark and Paul’s article 3 days in Seville Itinerary.

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