26 Best Things To Do in Liverpool: Top Attractions and Sights

Liverpool, a city located on the northwest coast of England, has long been a hub of art, culture, and rich history. With its famous waterfront, iconic landmarks, and vibrant music scene, Liverpool offers a ton of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

A panoramic view of the Three Graces in Liverpool: The Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building.

Whether you’re a history buff, a music lover, or simply looking to soak up the city’s lively atmosphere, Liverpool has something for everyone. Here are some of the top things to do in Liverpool.

The Beatles Story

Of course one of the greatest of Liverpool tourist attractions is all the Beatles sites to visit.

Bronze statue of the  Beatles stands at the Pier Head on the side of River Mersey, sculpted by Andrew Edwards and erected in December 2015

 Liverpool Beatles Story Museum

The Beatles Story Museum tells the story of how four young lads from Liverpool were propelled to the dizzy heights of fame and fortune from their humble childhood beginnings.

Replicas of Mathew Street, Abbey Road Studios and The Cavern authentically capture the early ’60s, allowing you to personally experience the very places that helped make The Beatles the greatest band in the world.

Things to do in Liverpool

The Beatles Museum

Embark on a musical journey through the lives and legacy of the world’s most famous band, The Beatles. The Beatles Museum takes you back to the 1960s, allowing you to explore the birth of Beatlemania and the band’s meteoric rise to fame. Walk in the footsteps of John, Paul, George, and Ringo as you immerse yourself in their captivating story. If you can’t get enough of the Beatles when you head to London you have to visit Abbey Road and the famous Beatles Crosswalk.

A visit to the museum is a journey through the early days in Liverpool and Hamburg, their rise to worldwide fame and their innovative studio years. Located in a Grade II listed building in the heart of the world-famous Mathew Street, The Liverpool Beatles Museum offers a new perspective on the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

LIVERPOOL, UK - JULY 14, 2022: Liverpool Beatles Museum, England, UK

Original guitars and drums from the band’s Hamburg days, John Lennon Sgt Pepper medals, the white cello from Magical Mystery Tour and Paul McCartney’s bass amp are just a few of the things you can find at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

The Famous Cavern Club

Step into the birthplace of The Beatles at The Cavern Club. This legendary music venue has hosted some of the greatest bands and artists of all time. Enjoy live music performances, soak up the nostalgic atmosphere, and feel the spirit of Liverpool’s thriving music scene.

Things to do in Liverpool

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

Hop on board the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour bus and embark on a journey to the band’s childhood homes, schools, and other significant Beatles-related sites. This guided tour provides a fascinating insight into the places that shaped the lives and music of The Beatles.

Penny Lane in Liverpool

Discover The Ultimate History Of British Music at the British Music Experience

As the UK’s only museum dedicated to celebrating British music, the British Music Experience boasts an unrivalled collection of memorabilia, stage outfits, instruments, images and footage.  The museum charts the beginnings, rise and influence of British pop from 1945 to the present day and includes outfits worn by artists from David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Dusty Springfield, to Adam Ant and The Spice Girls and musical instruments played by some of the world’s most renowned artists from Noel Gallagher to the Sex Pistols.  

Things to do in Liverpool

Radio City Tower

Officially known as St John’s Beacon, this structure is 138 metres tall and its 360-degree panoramas are incredible. Radio City is one of the UK’s most successful radio stations broadcasts from here and the Tower gives you a unique opportunity to view Merseyside’s ever changing skyline over 400 feet above the heart of the city centre. The St Johns Beacon viewing platform offers breath taking panoramic views of the Wirral, North Wales, Lancashire and as far as Snowdonia and Blackpool on clearer days.

Things to do in Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock and Liverpool Waterfront

No visit to Liverpool is complete without a visit to the iconic waterfront. Take in the breathtaking views of the River Mersey, explore the Royal Albert Dock, and marvel at the stunning architecture of the Liverpool Cathedral and the Liver Building with its Three Graces statues. Don’t forget to take a ferry ride across the river for a different perspective of the city.

Albert dock in Liverpool, England

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the royal Albert Docks is a bustling waterfront complex that offers a mix of history, culture, and entertainment. Take a leisurely stroll along the dockside, admire the stunning architecture, and explore the various museums and galleries housed within. The Tate Museum Liverpool and the Merseyside Maritime Museum are must-visits for art and history enthusiasts.

Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool Christmas Market

When the festive season hits, Liverpool truly knows how to turn up the Christmas magic a notch, or ten! 

Set against the awe-inspiring canvas of St George’s Plateau and the iconic William Brown Street, Liverpool’s Christmas market is a treasure trove. With over 40 stalls to choose from, you’re all but guaranteed to find the perfect festive gift on a shopping spree here. 

Things to do in Liverpool
Beautiful festive scene at a Christmas Market near Liverpool Lime Street Train Station

Visit the Royal Liver Building

Take a guided tour of the iconic Royal Liver Building and discover its history and architectural significance. Marvel at the Liver Birds perched on top and enjoy panoramic views of the city from its rooftop.

Things to do in Liverpool

Visit the International Slavery Museum

A truly fascinating one of Liverpool attractions is the International Slavery Museum opened on 23 August 2007. Not only was this the date of the annual Slavery Remembrance Day, but the year 2007 was particularly significant as it was the bicentenary of the abolition of the British slave trade.

Things to do in Liverpool
©International Slavery Museum

It is located in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, at the centre of a UNESCOWorld Heritage site and only yards away from the dry docks where 18th century slave trading ships were repaired and fitted out.

Walker Art Gallery

One of many great museums in Liverpool art enthusiasts will delight in a visit to the Walker Art Gallery. This gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative art from the 13th century to the present day. From classic masterpieces to contemporary works, the Walker Art Gallery offers a diverse range of artistic styles and periods. Walker Art Gallery.

Things to do in Liverpool

Jampacked with an impressive collection of historic British and European art that goes back to the 1300s the Walker Art Gallery is over 200 years old and considered the “National Gallery of the North”.

St George’s Hall

For architectural and music buffs St George’s Hall is one of the city’s prized possessions this virtual tour allows you to admire the exterior of this 500-seat grand hall, which was originally built for musical events. A Grade I neoclassical building it houses a world-renowned concert organ.

Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool Football Club: Anfield Stadium

For football fanatics, a visit to Anfield Stadium, the home of Liverpool Football Club, is a must-do. Take a guided tour of the stadium, visit the club’s museum, and soak up the electrifying atmosphere that surrounds this historic football ground.

Things to do in Liverpool

Everton Football Club

If you cannot get a tour on the day you require, consider a tour of Goodison Park, the home ground of Liverpool FC’s arch-rival, Everton.

Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool Cathedral

The  Anglican Liverpool Cathedral is a breathtaking architectural marvel and the largest religious building in Britain. Take a guided tour to discover its stunning interior, climb to the top of the tower for panoramic views of the city, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this spiritual haven.

Things to do in Liverpool

The Philharmonic Pub

Said to be the most ornate pub in England the Phil was built between 1898 and 1900, our flamboyant pub is a dazzling showpiece built in the style of a gentleman’s club.

Outside the pub, stunning metal gates are amongst the finest Art Nouveau work in Britain – and the interior is just as impressive: spread over five floors, each of the rooms are beautifully decorated with a musical theme.

Things to do in Liverpool
©Bryan Ledgard, CC BY 2.0

Part of the city’s rich musical history – Buddy Holly performed here, as did Paul McCartney and locally known as The Phil, this was said to be the pub that was one of John Lennon’s favourites.

Conclude your day with a visit to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms, a stunning pub known for its exquisite architecture and ornate interior. Enjoy a pint of ale in this historic establishment and soak up the unique ambiance.

Visit the World Museum

The World Museum is a fantastic place for families and curious minds. Explore its diverse exhibits, including ancient artifacts, natural history displays, interactive science exhibits, and even a planetarium. The museum offers a range of engaging activities and exhibitions suitable for all ages.

Liverpool, UK - May 16 2018: World Museum Liverpool houses extensive collections of archaeology, natural and physical sciences, included the Natural History Centre and a planetarium

Enjoy a Day at the Beach

Just a short drive from the city center, you’ll find beautiful sandy beaches along the Sefton coast. Crosby Beach is particularly famous for its art installation, “Another Place,” featuring 100 life-size iron figures created by artist Antony Gormley. It’s a great spot to relax, take a walk, or have a picnic by the sea.

Long shadow behind an Iron Man at sunset on Crosby beach in April 2021.  This, and the one in the background are part of Another Place, the art installation near Liverpool made up of 100 Iron Men statues created by Antony Gormley.

Take a Ghost Tour

One of the many fun things to do in Liverpool is to take a Ghost Tour. Liverpool has a rich history and is rumored to be haunted. Join a ghost tour and explore the city’s spooky side, visiting haunted locations, hearing chilling tales, and learning about its paranormal history. It’s a thrilling and entertaining way to discover Liverpool’s darker side.

Experience Liverpool’s Nightlife

Liverpool has a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues. Enjoy live performances ranging from local bands to international artists, or simply soak up the atmosphere in one of the city’s trendy bars or traditional pubs. The Ropewalks and Mathew Street areas are particularly popular for nightlife.

Things to do in Liverpool

Shopping in Liverpool: Indulge in Retail Therapy at Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE is a vast shopping complex located in Liverpool City Centre offering a wide range of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for high-street fashion, designer brands, or unique independent stores, you’ll find it all here. Take a break from shopping and relax in one of the many cafes or catch a movie at the cinema.

Things to do in Liverpool

Located in the heart of Liverpool’s City Centre you can indulge in some retail therapy at Liverpool ONE, a sprawling shopping complex located in the heart of the city. With over 170 high-street and designer stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, Liverpool ONE offers a vibrant shopping experience.

Visit the World’s Oldest Chinatown

Liverpool is home to one of the oldest and largest Chinatowns in Europe. Stroll through its vibrant streets, admire the Chinese arch, and explore the Asian supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries. Don’t miss the annual Chinese New Year celebrations, which feature colorful parades and cultural performances. Bet you didn’t know that Liverpool had a Chinatown did you?

Things to do in Liverpool

The Chinese Arch in Liverpool is the largest of its kind outside of China and is home to the oldest Chinese community in Liverpool. The Arch was assembled in 2000 and stands at 13.5 metres and 44 feet tall in a specific placement in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.  

Explore the Lark Lane Area

Lark Lane is a bohemian neighborhood known for its independent shops, quirky cafes, and lively bars. Enjoy a leisurely brunch, browse through vintage stores, and soak up the artistic and alternative atmosphere. It’s a great place to relax and unwind while experiencing the local charm.

Things to do in Liverpool

Stroll Sefton Park

Visit Sefton Park and enjoy 250 acres of beautiful green space. Granted Grade I-listed status this urban oasis has hidden caves, waterfalls and a Victorian Palm House. Amongst the park’s many features are a boating lake, replica statues of Eros and Peter Pan and a café. The park is also home to the famous Palm House, a fabulous glass-panelled building that has been restored to its former glory.

A digitally constructed painting of Sefton Park palmhouse in Liverpool UK

Merseyside Maritime Museum

If you are the seafaring type and fascinated by Maritime History take a tour of the Merseyside Maritime. It’s a brilliant insight into Britain’s imperial, colonial and commercial history and a must-see for any sailor, maritime historian or just those who love maritime history. 

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

With a nickname like “Paddy’s Wigwam” the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, sits right in the heart of Liverpool and it an interesting example of modern architecture in the 1960s.

Things to do in Liverpool

Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT)

For those that love modern art, this foundation curates the work independent creators in film, art and creative technology as its name suggests.

With its rich history, cultural diversity, and lively atmosphere, Liverpool offers a wide array of fun and entertaining activities for visitors. No matter your interests, you’re sure to find something exciting to do in this vibrant city.

Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool’s rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse attractions make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a unique and memorable experience. From The Beatles to football, art to architecture, this city has something to captivate every visitor. So, pack your bags, head to Liverpool, and get ready to explore this dynamic and exciting city.

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Things to do in Liverpool


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