Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Split is a stepping stone into Croatia’s beautiful Archipelago, an essential stop along the stunning coastline, and a portal into some of Croatia’s incredible ancient history. The second largest  city in Croatia Split, is a bustling seaside town built around a sprawling Roman palace on the shores of the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Welcoming around one million visitors each year, Split is a buzzing hive of activity, with tourists enjoying Croatian hospitality in the warm Mediterranean sun, discovering the ancient and fascinating history of the city, or preparing to embark on a journey to the spectacular surroundings.

Split, Croatia (region of Dalmatia). UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mosor mountains in background.. Coastal city with historical architecture near a marina under a mountainous backdrop offers numerous things to do in Split, Croatia.

For travelers contemplating a trip to the Split, a wide variety of historical wonders, scenic outdoor adventures, and cultural experiences await.

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  1. Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Things to do in Split, Croatia – Historical Landmarks

Split is one of the most popular cities in Croatia, located along the beautiful Dalmatian coast. One of the best things to do in Split is to explore the old town of Split, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the heart of the city. The old town is home to Diocletian’s Palace, which was used as a filming location for the TV show Game of Thrones.

Historic stone architecture and a bell tower under a clear blue sky are standout things to do in Split, Croatia.

You can take a walking tour of the old town to see the catholic cathedral, one of the best places to visit in Split. From the top of the cathedral’s bell tower, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city. If you have more time in Croatia, you can also take a day trip from Split to nearby attractions like Hvar or Dubrovnik. And don’t forget to visit the Museum of Split to learn more about the history of this fascinating city.

Historic bell tower rising between old stone buildings against a blue sky, a must-see among the things to do in Split, Croatia.

For those staying in Split, there are plenty of cool things to do in and around the city. You can take a tour in Split to learn about its rich history and culture, or take a day trip to explore some of the best places near Split. The city is also known for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it a great destination for a summer vacation. If you’re traveling by air, you can fly in through Split Airport and easily get to Split’s old town. And if you’re looking for a unique experience, you can take a ferry from Split to Dubrovnik for a picturesque journey along the coast.

Upward view of a round ancient structure in Split Croatia, opening to a blue sky with a cross silhouetted against the sky.

Diocletian’s Palace: The Heart of Split

Diocletian’s Palace isn’t just a monument; it’s the heart of Split Old town . Built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD as his retirement home, the sprawling complex now houses locals, shops, and an array of cozy cafes presenting a fascinating blend of past and present. The magnificent and ancient architecture records a story of imperial ambition, while laundry hanging from windows adds a touch of the mundane to the majestic. The palace’s underground cellars once used to store the emperor’s wine, now host eclectic markets where you can buy anything from artisanal crafts to Game of Thrones memorabilia.

Ancient Roman architecture with columns stands amidst modern buildings in Split, Croatia, while tourists explore the historic site.

Cathedral of Saint Domnius: A Towering Beacon

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius stands as a testament to Roman engineering and medieval architecture. Originally Diocletian’s mausoleum, it was converted into a cathedral in the 7th century.  For great views of Split Old Town, climb to the top of the cathedral’s bell tower. The climb up its bell tower is both a physical and spiritual ascent, offering not just panoramic views but a moment of reflection on the layers of history beneath your feet. The cathedral’s treasury holds relics and art that span centuries, offering a tangible connection to the past. 

Historic stone buildings and a tall bell tower under a blue sky with scattered clouds are major attractions among the things to do in Split Croatia.

Split City Museum: A Walk Through Time

Split City Museum takes visitors on a journey through its tumultuous history, from its earliest inhabitants to its role in modern Croatia. Housed in a Gothic palace, here you can witness the narrative of Split unfold, with each exhibit adding depth to your understanding of the historical city. The museum’s collection, though modest, is well-curated, offering insights into the lives of those who shaped Split’s destiny.

Statue of a bearded figure with a raised arm holding a sword against a blue sky, flanked by green foliage, is one of the key things to do in Split, Croatia.
Gregory of Nin the statue sits outside of the Golden Gate

The Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace: The Living Room of Split

The Peristyle, surrounded by Roman columns and sphinxes brought from Egypt, is an open-air square that feels like a portal to another era. Here visitors can watch the world go by, serenaded by local musicians. At night, the ancient stones of the Peristyle are bathed in soft light, transforming the square into a particularly romantic backdrop.

Peristyle, central square within Diocletian Palace in Old Town of Split, the second largest city of Croatia in the morning. Empty square within historical European architecture at twilight, offering things to do in Split, Croatia.

The Golden Gate: Entrance to the Past

The Golden Gate was the main entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, and today the gate stands guard the city’s immense history, challenging the modern world to enter with respect. The gate’s imposing structure is a favorite spot for tourists, a poignant reminder of the city’s enduring strength and resilience and a great spot for a photo!

Golden Gate in Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia. Tourists exploring the grounds in front of a historic stone building with archways on a sunny day, experiencing one of the top things to do in Split, Croatia.

Jupiter’s Temple: A Divine Encounter

Jupiter’s Temple, dedicated to the Roman god of sky and thunder, is now a unique blend of pagan tradition and Christian iconography. Entering the temple, now converted into a baptistery, you’ll be greeted by one of the most well-preserved Roman sculptures in existence. The temple’s small size belies its historical significance, offering a glimpse into the religious life of ancient Rome.

Jupiter's Gate an Ancient stone structure with a black sphinx sculpture at the entrance, one of the must-see things to do in Split, Croatia.
©By Jerzy Strzelecki – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Mestrovic Gallery: A Modern Muse

Mestrovic Gallery is a tribute to Ivan Meštrović, Croatia’s most renowned sculptor. Nestled away from the city’s hustle, the gallery is a serene escape into the world of modern art. Meštrović’s works, range from emotive sculptures to delicate drawings, provide a contemporary contrast to the ancient stones of Split. The gallery’s garden, overlooking the sea, was a place of contemplation and inspiration, bridging the gap between Croatia’s past and present.

Stone staircase leading up to a classical building with columns in Split, Croatia, surrounded by green foliage under a clear blue sky. The Mestrovic Gallery (Croatian: Galerija Meštrović) is the former residence & studio of sculptor Ivan Meštrović. It is now an art museum displaying his works.

Outdoor Adventures and Natural Attractions in Split Croatia

Split’s allure isn’t confined to its stone walls and ancient corridors. The city is a gateway to many natural wonders and outdoor activities that beckon adventurers and leisure seekers alike.

Marjan Hill: The Green Lung of Split

Marjan Hill stands as a verdant oasis in the midst of the urban sprawl. Known affectionately as the “lungs of the city,” Marjan offers a network of trails that wind through pine forests and Mediterranean flora, leading to hidden coves and vantage points with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and the Split skyline. An ascent up Marjan is a refreshing escape from the city’s summer heat. Reaching the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic vista – a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. For those looking to immerse themselves in nature without straying far from city comforts, Marjan Hill is a must-visit.

Woman overlooking a coastal cityscape from a balcony on a clear day, pondering things to do in Split, Croatia.

Bačvice Beach: Split’s Social Hub

Bačvice Beach is more than just a stretch of sand; it’s a place of cultural importance for locals. Famous for its shallow waters and the games of picigin that play out here – Bačvice is where Split comes to play. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Families, friends, and solo travelers all converge to enjoy the sun and sea. The game of picigin, played with a small ball and acrobatic leaps, is a spectacle in itself. Don’t miss Bačvice at sunset when the beachbecomes a stunning canvas of golden hues.

A busy beach scene in Split, Croatia with people swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports on a clear day.

Krka National Park: Nature’s Masterpiece

Just a short drive from Split, Krka National Park is a sanctuary of waterfalls, gorges, and lush vegetation. Walking the wooden pathways through Krka is like stepping into a living postcard. The sound of cascading water and the chorus of birds creates a soundtrack to the jaw-dropping scenes here. Skradinski Buk, is the park’s centerpiece created by crystal-clear waters cascading down an impressive set of 17 waterfalls. Krka is a testament to nature’s artistry, and a day spent exploring its wonders is a day well spent.

A series of picturesque waterfalls flowing into a vivid turquoise river surrounded by lush greenery on a sunny day, offering ideal things to do in Split, Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park: A UNESCO Treasure

If you enjoyed Krka, consider journeying on to Plitvice Lakes. Although a bit farther from Split, Plitvice Lakes National Park warrants a mention for its otherworldly beauty. The interconnected series of lakes and waterfalls, set against the backdrop of dense forests, make Plitvice a jewel in Croatia’s natural crown. Walking the trails and boardwalks, you’ll be enveloped in a sense of peace, with each turn revealing vistas more stunning than the last. The park’s beauty is dynamic, with the changing seasons offering new palettes of colors and experiences.

Breathtaking view of the most famous waterfalls in Plitvice national park, Croatia

Cetina River: Adventure Awaits

Cetina River offers a playground for adrenaline junkies and those seeking tranquility alike. Its emerald waters carve through canyons and valleys, creating a landscape ripe for exploration. Rafting down Cetina was an adventure that combined thrills with moments of serene beauty. The river’s course is dotted with quiet pools, rapids, and waterfalls, each presenting its own challenge and reward. For a day filled with excitement and natural beauty, Cetina River delivers in spades.

Gorge and Cetina River in Omis, Dalmatia, Croatia. A serene river flowing through a rugged mountain gorge with sparse vegetation and buildings along the banks, offering captivating things to do in Split, Croatia.

Zlatni Rat Beach: The Golden Cape

A bit of a journey from Split but worth every mile, Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brač is famed for its ever-changing shape, influenced by winds, currents, and waves. Often featured in lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Zlatni Rat’s unique geography and crystal-clear waters are a haven for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. Highlights of Zlatni Rat include the postcard-perfect scenery, windsurfing, and relaxing on the pebble beach, watching the cape shift and reshape with the tide.

Famous Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Island Brac, Croatia. Panoramic view of a busy beach in Split, Croatia, with visitors enjoying the sun, lined by trees on one side and clear blue water with boats on the other.

Game of Thrones in Split

Game of Thrones is a popular television show that has captivated audiences around the world with its complex characters, intricate plotlines, and epic battles and the perfect location for those set-jetting tourists. Split, as a city in Croatia, has also become a hotspot for Game of Thrones fans due to its role as a filming location for several key scenes in the series. Fans can visit the Diocletian’s Palace in Split, which served as the setting for Meereen in the show. They can also explore the city’s medieval architecture and winding streets, which provide the perfect backdrop for imagining themselves in the world of Westeros. For any Game of Thrones enthusiast, a visit to Split is a must-do pilgrimage to experience the magic of the show in person.

Kastel Gomilica is the filming location of Game of Thrones TV series in Croatia. Kastel Gomilica is one of seven settlement of town Kastela in Croatia. Stone pathway leading to an old fortified building by a serene marina with moored boats under a dramatic sky, showcasing things to do in Split, Croatia.

Sailing the Adriatic: A Breathtaking Voyage

Sailing Around Split’s Archipelago is an experience that encapsulates the essence of the Dalmatian coast. The waters around Split are a sailor’s paradise, dotted with islands that offer a blend of natural beauty, historic sites, and secluded bays. Sail along the coast to charming coastal villages like Trogir and Primošten.

Aerial view of a picturesque coastal town on a peninsula at sunset, showcasing things to do in Split, Croatia.

Many of Croatia’s most iconic islands including Brač, Hvar, and Šolta are all within reach of Split. Each with its own charm. Brač is renowned for its Golden Horn beach, a natural phenomenon that shifts with the wind and tide. Hvar boasts a rich history and vibrant nightlife, while Šolta offers a tranquil escape with olive groves and vineyards that slope down to the sea. Mooring in a secluded cove for a swim in crystal-clear waters, followed by a lunch of fresh seafood prepared on board, was a highlight of the trip.

A Croatian flag flutters in the wind at sunset on a moving boat, leaving a trail on the water, showcasing one of the picturesque things to do in Split, Croatia.

For those looking to explore the Adriatic, numerous charter companies in Split provide options ranging from bareboat charters for the seasoned sailor to skippered sails for those who wish to sit back and enjoy the ride. The flexibility allows you to tailor your sailing adventure, whether it’s for a few hours or several days, taking the breeze onward toward other sailing grounds like Dubrovnik to the south or Sailing to Zadar in the north.

Restaurants and Dining: The Flavors of Split

Split’s culinary scene blends Mediterranean freshness, Dalmatian traditions, and modern culinary innovations. From bustling markets brimming with local produce to quaint taverns (konobas) serving up age-old recipes, to contemporary restaurants experimenting with local produce, traditional cuisine, and modern techniques, dining in Split is as much an exploration as it is a feast.

Outdoor dining in a narrow stone-paved alley in Split, Croatia, with customers seated at tables under umbrellas.

Croatians adore sitting in a cafe chatting and enjoying a Kava. Kava is a coffee that incorporates Turkish, Austro-Hungarian, and Italian traditions.

Savoring Seafood: A Coastal Delight

The Adriatic Sea offers up a bounty that forms the backbone of Split’s seafood cuisine. Grilled fish and seafood are plucked directly from the Mediterranean. The simplicity of preparation, with olive oil, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon, highlights the natural flavors. For a truly local experience, seek out a riba na gradele (grilled fish) at a konoba, where the catch of the day is always a culinary adventure.

Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Peka: Under the Bell

Peka is a culinary event. This traditional method of cooking meat or seafood under a bell-like dome, buried in embers, imparts a smoky flavor that’s hard to replicate and produces slow-cooked lamb so tender, it might fall off the bone with a stern look. Accompanied by potatoes and vegetables that had soaked up the juices and flavors, it’s a meal that will linger in memory long after the plates are cleared.

Traditional cast iron pans with lids on a rustic hearth in Split, Croatia.
© Joao Ornelas

Black Risotto: A Daring Delicacy

Crni rižot, or black risotto, is a testament to Dalmatian boldness in the kitchen. Made with cuttlefish or squid, rice, and a generous amount of their ink, it’s a dish that startles with its appearance but rewards with its depth of flavor. Those that take a leap of faith will land in place where savory meets sea, with a hint of garlic and wine to tie it all together. It’s a must-try for any foodie brave enough to venture to the dark side of Croatia’s culinary spectrum.

Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Market Fresh: The Pazar

No visit to Split is complete without a morning stroll through the Pazar, Split’s outdoor market. Here, amidst the riot of colors and scents, you can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to homemade olive oils, cheeses, and lavender products. The Pazar is more than a place to shop; it’s a sensory journey into the heart of Dalmatian life. Get lost among the market stalls, sampling figs and cheeses that recall the island’s pastoral heritage. The Pazar is more than a place to shop; it’s also a window into the daily life of Split’s residents.

Outdoor market stalls displaying fresh produce under blue umbrellas with shoppers and vendors, offering a glimpse into the things to do in Split Croatia.

Wine Tasting: A Sip of Dalmatia

Dalmatia’s winemaking tradition stretches back millennia, and Split is surrounded by vineyards that produce some of Croatia’s finest wines. Take a local wine tasting journey to discover Plavac Mali, a robust red with notes of dark fruit and spice, and Pošip, a crisp white that whispers of the Adriatic’s salty breeze. Wineries and wine bars in and around Split offer tastings that are both an education and a celebration of the region’s viticultural heritage.

Two glasses of red wine with charcuterie assortment with view of Croatian town Omis with red roofs and blue sea. Glass of red wine with different snacks - plate with ham, sliced, blue cheese.

Sweet Treats: A Sugary Finale

For a sweet end to your culinary adventures, Split does not disappoint. Soparnik, a traditional chard-filled pie, might lean towards the savory but is a must-try for its unique flavor and history. For something truly indulgent, seek out rožata, a Dalmatian version of flan that is as silky as it is sweet, often flavored with lemon zest or rose liqueur to add that extra touch of the Mediterranean.

Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Arts, Music, and Nightlife: The Vibrant Soul of Split

Split’s vibrant cultural scene is a testament to its dynamic spirit, offering an array of experiences that cater to art aficionados, music lovers, and night owls alike.

The Artistic Pulse: Galleries and Street Art

Mestrovic Gallery, as previously mentioned, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Split’s art scene. The city’s streets themselves are a canvas, with murals and installations that reflect its creative heartbeat. The Jaman Art Gallery stands out for its collection of works by local artist Danijel Jaman, whose vibrant, whimsical pieces capture the essence of Split’s playful spirit. Meanwhile, wandering the Varoš district offers a glimpse into the city’s evolving street art scene, where international and local artists have turned old walls into masterpieces.

Music to Your Ears: Festivals and Live Venues

Music is the soul of Split’s nightlife, with genres ranging from traditional Dalmatian klapa singing to modern beats that pulse into the early hours. Split Summer Festival is a highlight, offering a mix of opera, ballet, and theater performances in open-air venues that make the most of Split’s balmy nights. For contemporary music lovers, clubs like Vanilla and Zenta Club host local and international DJs, offering a vibrant dance floor under the stars. The intimate setting of Ghetto Club, nestled within the palace walls, provides a haven for live jazz and alternative music, blending history with modern rhythms.

Two people wearing traditional folk costumes hold hands during a dance performance, showcasing things to do in Split, Croatia.

Nightlife: From Sunset to Sunrise

Split transforms as the sun sets, with its waterfront promenade, the Riva, becoming a lively hub of activity. Fabrique Pub offers a blend of craft beers and live music, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. For a more sophisticated evening, Luxor provides the unique experience of enjoying a drink in the Peristyle of Diocletian’s Palace, surrounded by ancient columns and history. As night deepens, the party moves to Bacvice Beach, where beach clubs like Tropic Club Equador offer a night of dancing by the sea, proving that in Split, the party never truly stops.

Picturesque coastal town with palm-lined promenade and moored boats under a partly cloudy sky, offering various things to do in Split Croatia.

Cultural Insights: The Heart of Dalmatia

Beyond the music and revelry, Split’s cultural depth can be experienced through its festivals and events that celebrate everything from film to food. The Split Film Festival invites cinephiles to explore international and independent cinema, while the Split Food Festival is a gastronomic journey through local and international cuisines, underscored by the city’s scenic beauty and historic ambiance.

Embracing Tradition: Local Festivities

Split’s calendar is dotted with festivals and events that celebrate its rich heritage, from the Feast of Saint Domnius (Sveti Duje) – the city’s patron saint – to the Split Carnival, where the streets come alive with parades, music, and masked revelry. These celebrations offer a glimpse into the traditions that have shaped the city’s identity, inviting visitors to partake in the communal spirit that defines Split.

Religious procession with clergy and participants in ceremonial attire walking through a crowded street, a must-see among things to do in Split, Croatia.

Shopping and Local Crafts: Discovering Split’s Treasures

Shopping in Split is another way to immerse yourself in the city’s rich tapestry of culture, history, and creativity. From bustling markets filled with local produce and crafts to stylish boutiques offering Croatian design, Split is a trove of treasures, each with a story to tell.

Croatian Designers: A Fashionable Insight

Split might be steeped in history, but its fashion scene is decidedly contemporary. Croatian designers have made their mark in the city, with boutiques offering a curated selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories that blend modern aesthetics with traditional motifs.

Artisan Crafts: Handmade with Heart

For those seeking unique souvenirs or gifts, Split’s artisan shops and galleries offer an array of handmade crafts that reflect the city’s artistic heritage. Studio Naranča, located within the palace walls, showcases the illustrations and art of local artist Nenad Naranča, each piece a testament to the city’s vibrant spirit. Jaman Art Gallery (mentioned above) and Forgas Butiga, offer examples of locally produced contemporary art.

Croatian woman creates original lace with a cylinder for bobbin laces. Craftsperson creating intricate lace with bobbins on a pillow, showcasing one of the things to do in Split Croatia.

Marmontova Ulica

Marmontova Street serves as the central pedestrian thoroughfare in the Old City of Split, bustling with a vibrant shopping scene with a wide array of shops and cafes. Here, shoppers can explore international brands while discovering unique local boutiques that provide exclusive items.

Marmontova Street invites shoppers to immerse themselves in the city’s charm as they stroll toward the harbor. The lively street often has artists and musicians, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

Tourists and locals stroll through a bustling European city square in Split, Croatia, lined with historic buildings and outdoor cafes.

Modern Malls: A Contemporary Contrast

Those looking for a more contemporary shopping experience in Split won’t be disappointed. Joker Mall and Mall of Split offer a wide range of international and Croatian brands, providing a modern contrast to the historic city center. These malls also serve as entertainment hubs, with cinemas, restaurants, and play areas, making them a perfect family outing on a rare rainy day in Split.

SPLIT, CROATIA Atrium of Mall of Split shopping center in Split . Modern shopping mall interior in Split, Croatia, decorated with heart-shaped balloons.

Tips for Visiting Split

  • Getting Around: Split and the surrounding areas are easily accessible by Uber, taxi, bus, bike, scooter, ferry or on foot, with most major sites concentrated in walkable areas.
  • Currency Use: Have some Croatian Kuna for smaller transactions; credit cards are widely accepted but beware of ATM fees.
  • Communication: English is widely spoken in tourist spots, yet learning a few Croatian phrases is welcomed.
  • Tipping: A 10% tip is customary in restaurants and for personal services for good service.
  • Water Safety: The tap water in Split is drinkable, encouraging the use of refillable bottles.
  • Local Customs: Respect local customs, especially in religious sites, and comply with local laws to avoid fines.
  • WiFi Availability: Take advantage of free WiFi in public areas or get a prepaid SIM card for data.
  • Weather/Time to Visit: The best time to visit is late spring to early autumn for warm weather and fewer crowds, but pack sunscreen and stay hydrated.

From the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace to the modern vibes of its shopping malls, Split is a city of contrasts where history and modernity meet in harmony. Whether you’re exploring its historic sites, indulging in the gastronomic delights, soaking in the natural beauty, immersing in the vibrant arts and music scene, or discovering treasures in its markets and boutiques, Split offers a rich tapestry of experiences.

View at amazing archipelago with boats in front of town Hvar, Croatia. Harbor of old Adriatic island town Hvar. Popular touristic destination of Croatia. Amazing Hvar city on Hvar island, Croatia.Colorful waterfront with moored boats in a picturesque Mediterranean town, offering an array of things to do in Split, Croatia.

Questions about visiting Split Croatia

Q: What are the best things to do in Split, Croatia?

A: Some of the best things to do in Split include exploring the old town, visiting the Bell Tower, taking a day trip to nearby attractions, and experiencing Game of Thrones filming locations.

Q: What can you tour from split?

A: Day trips from Split offer a plethora of options for exploring the beautiful region of Croatia. One popular destination for day trips is the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, known for its turquoise lakes and cascading waterfalls. Another must-visit spot is the historic town of Dubrovnik, with its charming Old Town and impressive city walls. For history buffs, a day trip to the ancient city of Trogir is a must, where you can wander through well-preserved medieval streets and admire the stunning architecture. And for those looking to relax, the picturesque islands of Hvar and Brac are just a short ferry ride away, offering stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to enjoy. No matter your interests, there is a day trip from Split that is sure to captivate and inspire.

Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Split is a fantastic destination in Croatia with so much to offer. One of the top things to do in Split is to take a tour of the old town and experience the rich history and culture it has to offer. You can explore the heart of the old town which has grown up around Diocletian’s Palace, one of Split’s most iconic attractions. Make sure to visit the Catholic Cathedral in the world, located within the palace walls. There’s more to Split than just the old town though; make sure to check out the beaches in Split and the many awesome things to see and do in the surrounding areas like Hvar, Dubrovnik, and Trogir. With so much to explore, Split is a great choice for your Croatia itinerary.

Just a two-hour drive from Split sits one of Central Europe’s most underrated small cities: Mostar, home to the iconic Old Bridge and the gateway to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s breathtaking Kravice Waterfalls.

Best Things to Do in Split Croatia

Q: How can I spend a day in Split?

A: To spend a day in Split, you can visit the museums, walk around the historic old town, enjoy the beaches, and try some local cuisine in the restaurants.

Q: What are some recommended day trips from Split?

A: Popular day trips from Split include visits to Hvar, Dubrovnik, the Museum of Split, and exploring the surrounding areas of Diocletian’s Palace.

Q: How can I explore Split as a tourist?

A: As a tourist in Split, you can join guided tours of the city, visit the top attractions, take in the views, and learn about the history and culture of this Croatian gem.

Q: What are some must-see attractions in Split?

A: Must-see attractions in Split include the Old Town, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, Peristil Square, and the various museums showcasing the city’s rich heritage.

Q: How can I get to Split and where can I stay?

A: You can reach Split by air, ferry, or bus, and there are plenty of accommodation options in the city ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels.

Q: What makes Split a great destination for travelers?

A: Split is a great destination for travelers due to its historical significance, beautiful architecture, stunning coastline, vibrant nightlife, and warm Mediterranean climate.

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