Places to Visit in Bosnia for Nature Lovers

While Europe is a tremendously popular destination during the peak tourist season not many choose to head to the Balkans. If you are interested in visiting a country that stays off the radar of most tourists but offers you the same level of natural beauty and landscape, Bosnia is the place to choose. This hidden gem in Europe is ideal for those who want to avoid crowds but want to make the most of their love for nature and wildlife. 

Places to Visit in Bosnia for Nature Lovers

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Una National Park

One of the best places where you can enjoy ample greenery and nature is Una National Park. This national park is the largest one in Bosnia and Herzegovina and can provide you with a great experience as you hike and explore the region. Also, while you are here you can explore the Strbacki Buk waterfall which is one of the most beautiful natural sights you can see when you are exploring Bosnia. While you can do hiking in the national park you can also try other activities like whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Places to Visit in Bosnia for Nature Lovers

Kravice Waterfall

If you are visiting Bosnia during the summer months you will also find Kravice Waterfall as one of the top destinations that attract nature lovers. Located near Mostar, Kravice Waterfall is packed with gorgeous natural landscapes which only adds to the fun of swimming in the shallow waters. You can also rent a paddleboard which will help you enjoy and explore the lake around the waterfall. If you are not into paddleboarding you can put on the best walking shoes as you go exploring the local flora and fauna as well.

Picturesque Kravice waterfalls in the National Park of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Location: Kravice Falls, Studenci, West Herzegovina Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bjelasnica Mountains

Nature lovers looking for a thorough winter experience can head to Bjelasnica Mountains which is ideal for alpine touring and off-piste skiing. Apart from off-piste skiing and snowboarding you can also take up some mountaineering tours which would allow you to explore local wildlife like foxes, rabbits, wolves, chamois, grouses, bears, and wild boars. However, if you haven’t tried alpine climbing before you must know tips for your first alpine climb.


One of the best small towns that you must visit when you are visiting Bosnia is Konjic. This small town is packed with natural landscapes and has become a perfect place for adventure sports enthusiasts. Apart from walking and hiking the trails to explore nature, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of this town via cycling and canoeing. 

Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina-07.05.2018: Hiking at Jastrebica area, Orjen Mountain,- Via Dinarica Blue Trail, Balkans, Europe

Jajce – Pliva Waterfall

However, if you are not into adventure sports and want to relax you can head to Jajce. This small town has the highly popular Pliva Waterfall. This is one of the only places where you can find a waterfall right in the middle of the town. You can enjoy the surrounding landscapes and walk the area to explore the natural beauty. While you are here you can explore a medieval fortress called The Mithraeum which was once the seat of Bosnian kings.

Places to Visit in Bosnia for Nature Lovers


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