The Limerick Milk Market – foodie paradise

As in many countries, Ireland is working to emphasize buying local, buying fresh and supporting small producers and the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland is the epitome of that ethos.

A bustling foodie mecca the Milk Market Limerick has something for everyone. From special events to foodie tastings and cooking classes the Milk Market covers the gamut of gourmet events in the area.

the Limerick Milk Market offers something for everyone including free from products

The freshest locally grown produce speciality bread from gluten-free to beautifully presented wheaten and sodas. The pastries, cakes and traybakes (what the Irish call things like brownies and dessert bars) this market has some of the best in Ireland.

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the Limerick Milk Market an exterior picture of the market and vendors


Ireland is home to fertile valleys and farms producing potatoes from pink to yellow, and all manner of veggies from beetroot to turnip. A farmer’s market here is a display of the best there is to offer from seafood to handmade crafts and the Limerick Milk Market is no exception.

fresh fish at the Limerick Milk Market

Cashel Blue cheese, Guinness, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, Kerrygold butter, Tayto’s crisps and Bailey’s Irish Cream making up a few of the most well-known names outside of the country.  

However, inside Ireland, there are food treasures galore.  Ireland has a long history of producing some of the world’s finest pork, beef, seafood and speciality items like blood sausage, smoked fish, fresh trout & salmon, to rashers and gammon.

Irish cheeses are taking home food awards worldwide and many of the finest can be found here at the Limerick Milk Market best of all they allow you tasters so you can decide which of the many kinds of cheese made right here in Ireland that you want to take home with you.

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fresh flowers and potted plants for the garden at the Limerick Milk market

History of the Limerick Milk Market

The Limerick Milk Market was originally known as the Corn Market and was located in Limerick City.  Along with the Milk Market, there was the Pig Market, the Butter Market and the Hay Market and Potato Market.  

Best tips for Visiting the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland

In the 1850’s most of the other markets relocated but the Potato Market and the Corn Market (the Milk Market) stayed.  However, in 1858 the Market Trustees went into receivership and Limerick Corporation was appointed the Trustees of the Market.  This went on for over 90 years and the receivership wasn’t terminated until 1988.

lots of fresh homemade breads available at the market

Today the Corn Market is thriving right in the very heart of Limerick.  Over the years the nature of trading did begin to change but there was always a good trade-in chicken, fowl, homemade butter, bread and pastries.  

Best tips for Visiting the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland

In the 1950s plants and shrubs became popular as did the Christmas Market for turkeys and the market continued to expand upon these initial offerings.

homemade fudge available here at the Milk Market in Limerick

In 1995 the Trustees identified a need to make over the Milk Market and they began an incredibly ambitious reconstruction.  In 1995 the Market was re-opened and it won a European Heritage Award in September of 1995.  In 2004 the Trustees determined that significant new work should be done on the Market and they worked tirelessly to make it one of the finest Markets in Ireland.

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black and white pudding at the Limerick Milk Market

In June 2010, the new Milk Market re-opened as an all-year-round market space, with major markets taking place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  There is a new pavilion with an eating space on the upper deck and the Market is now an all-weather space for events and vendors.

Best tips for Visiting the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland

The Milk Market has a great deal of art and handicrafts available for sale alongside beautifully pure scented soaps, candles and body products there are gorgeous hand-knitted Aran sweaters and scarves, poppets and felted stuffed animals made from local sheep’s wood.

Best tips for Visiting the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland

Skeins of handspun wools to take home and knit yourself to paintings, and immensely colourful bouquets of locally grown flowers.

fruits and veggies for sale at the Limerick Milk Market

The objectives of the Limerick Milk Market are:

  • to provide Limerick residents and visitors with access to a wide variety of fresh, local, in-season products, typically directly from the producer.
  • to provide a centralised location for local producers (food and non-food produce), who work to agreed standards, to profitably market their products directly to the buying public.
  • to enhance the centre of Limerick’s retail and commercial district.
  • to create an informal, social gathering and trading space in an open-air setting that can be enjoyed by Limerick residents, visitors and by the local business community.
  • to attract shoppers by presenting a calendar of themed market days, activities and events that constantly appeals and surprises and showcases popular products, often unearthing and supporting new products and talents.
  • to project the Milk Market, as the historic market it is, to locals and visitors.
  • to champion the environmental concept of ‘green’ in the city.
  • to have a positive influence on the physical space around the market, including the retailers and any casual trading close-by.
  • to champion the concept of ‘fresh’, ‘local’ and ‘in season’ produce generally, encouraging restaurants and other food outlets throughout the City to embrace the concept. In this way, the Milk Market will have a positive influence on Limerick’s
  • Development as a centre of food excellence (in all its facets from restaurants to production).

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