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Food Markets around the World

If you have read any articles on this website you may have noticed a slight obsession with food markets. Markets are usually my first stop on any new travel journey because I believe they are the hub of any community and allow me a peek into the culture and society of a new place.

Food Tourism is a growing part of the travel industry food tourism may sound like some kind of new trend but culinary experiences, culinary tourism, gastronomy tourism, travelling for food and travel for food have all been around for a very long time – we just didn’t call it that.

Many food markets are combined with stalls selling everything from knick-knacks to underwear but for many, the main focus is local foods. Farmer’s markets are definitely my favourite because they showcase locally grown foods and local producers. Not only do they make you want to learn about the food culture of a place but they help support economically speaking the local community.

Best Food Halls in London: Foodie heaven

Best Food Halls in London: Foodie heaven Food Halls in London are a foodie’s dream come true. A cross between a farmer’s market and a

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Best food markets Canada

21 Best food markets in Canada Yes, I’m a food tourist and no matter what country I travel to I will always scope out a food market

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Best food markets and food halls in N. America

41of the Best food markets and food halls in North America I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I LOVE food markets and

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Best food markets in Europe

34 phenomenal Food Markets in Europe Worth Traveling For To me finding a local food market is the holy grail of travelling and I search

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Toronto Farmer’s Markets sustainable shopping

Best Toronto Farmer’s Markets 2022 There is nothing better than a farmer’s market to get into the spirit of an area. Wouldn’t you rather stroll

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18 Things to do in Notting Hill London’s prettiest neighbourhood

18 Things to do in Notting Hill London’s prettiest neighbourhood Visiting Notting Hill in West London is a must when visiting London. We easily travelled

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Best tips for Visiting the Limerick Milk Market in Ireland

The Limerick Milk Market – foodie paradise As in many countries, Ireland is working to emphasize buying local, buying fresh and supporting small producers and the

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Yorkshire Market Towns & Prettiest Yorkshire Villages

Market Towns & Villages in Yorkshire The buzz and hustle in Yorkshire market towns and the hum of folks getting the freshest meats, veggies and

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Leather Lane Market London a Delicious street food hub

Leather Lane Food Market I’ve been visiting Leather Lane market each week, for over three years. Though it’s close to my work, it’s not the

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Best things to do in Covent Garden Market London

Best things to do in Covent Garden Market London Historic Covent Garden Market is a fairground of London living and it brings out every conceivable

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16 Fabulous food street markets in London

Street Markets In London for fabulous food, vintage & more Traditional street markets in London have been my obsession for years. I love the fact

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Borough Market London the best gourmet Guide for foodies

What to eat at Borough Market London Borough Market has been around in different forms for around 1,000 years.  The best date historians can figure

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Things to do in Camden Town London’s Eclectic Neighbourhood

Camden Town all the cool things to do in London’s eclectic neighbourhood Finding things to do in Camden town in London and visiting Camden Markets

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A Guide to the English Market in Cork Ireland

A Guide to the English Market Cork Ireland: an Irish Foodie Heaven I am obsessed with markets and the English Market in Cork is one

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Western Fair Farmers Market London Ontario simply the best

The best farmers market in London, Ontario When we lived in London, Ontario we were huge fans of the Farmer’s Market at the Western Fair

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Visit the Lucas Galvez Market

Navigating the Lucas Galvez Market, Merida Looking for something to do in Merida that’s a little off the beaten path? Look no further than a

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Travellers Guide to Granville Island Market | Vancouver Canada

Granville Island Public Market & Farmer’s Market Why Visit Vancouver? Canada’s west coast is simply stunning. From its incredible mountains to the deep blue ocean

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St. Lawrence Market Toronto – A Foodies Paradise

St Lawrence Market – A Foodies Paradise I love St Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada it is a bustling modern-day market that is now the best

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