5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers

The UK is known for its diverse literary landscapes and locations. From organized trails to self-initiated trips, there are tons of inspirations all over the country. The UK has produced the most celebrated literary icons throughout history. Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Jane Austen, and Arthur Conan Doyle have revolutionized writing as we know it.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers

Not everyone is gifted at writing. Nevertheless, writing papers is obligatory while at college or university. A lot of students tend to suffer from writer’s block, especially in the middle of the semester. Obtaining help from Edubirdie has been quite a relief to most students who are not inspired or not good at writing. It is the place where experts will help you with your assignment request. Assignment writing UK is quite popular and comes in handy when one is overwhelmed or embarrassed. These destinations have proven to serve as a source of inspiration:

1.  Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, London

It is located at the western departures concourse. It’s a luggage trolley with a trunk and owl cage. The fans are usually lined up outside, waiting to get a good photo. Harry Potter’s store is located right next door. Students tend to find it quite inspiring and helpful in completing their assignments.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers

2. Bloomsbury Garden Square, London

The area is located in Camden. It was a trendy area among writers, intellectuals, and artists in the early 20th century. It is considered among the best British locations available.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers
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3. The British Library, London

It is one of the largest libraries in the globe. It is an exciting destination for people who love to read and write. Students who prefer not to seek online help, enjoy the experience of having a lot of hard-copy content. The library has a lot of content and quiet places where writers can find comfort. There are historical manuscripts available with over sixty-five thousand volumes.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers
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4. Charles Dickens Museum, London

The library is located in Doughty Street in Holborn. It was the house of the famous writer between 1837-1839. During this period, Charles Dickens managed to write Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist. The furniture has been well maintained over the years; you can still feel the rustic nature of the house. There are other UK famous places that Dickens spent ample time in, such as Kent, Broadstairs, and Portsmouth.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers

5. Keats House, London

The Keats House is now a museum. It’s a beautiful house that John Keats, an English poet, shared with Charles Brown and wrote Ode to a Nightingale. You can obtain the original manuscripts and memorabilia.

5 Inspirational UK Locations for Writers
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The destinations mentioned above have a great value that writers and researchers appreciate in the writing journey. Students can take a break from their routine and visit the locations above to find inspiration. If you are overwhelmed by assignments, there are writing services in the UK that offer custom papers to students. The services are beneficial in conducting research and compiling results according to the instructions issued by the client.

The enchanting beauty of the Scottish Highlands, expanding terraces of industrial Manchester and the fog-filled streets of London, influenced many writers and students. A lot of literary work has been written in these areas or due to them.

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