10 Attractions to visit in Auckland

The entrance of the country New Zealand is marked through Auckland for most visitors, which is a harbourside city and known as the economic heart of the county. Tourists in Auckland do not forget to spare even a single day to soak up in the cultural and outdoor attractive destinations. You have beautiful suburban coastlines to wander, museums, art galleries and monuments to walk through in Auckland. Readout this complete guide, book your flights through Cathay Pacific and explore the 10 best attractions in Auckland.   

  1. Sky Tower Auckland
10 Attractions to visit in Auckland

Climb up the Sky Tower Auckland to get a bird’s eye view of the city. You can look around from three viewing platforms at three different levels. They are Sky Deck at 220m, Main Observation at 186m and the Sky Café at 182m. Enjoy the panoramic 360-degree view that captures every stunning landmark including historical sites and volcanoes that are spread through a vast distance of 80km. The basement of the tower is an entertainment complex with a theatre and a casino. Dining venues are quite extraordinary as some are revolving and you can dine while you look around! 

  1. One Tree Hill

The most iconic symbol of the city for most locals is the volcanic cone of One Tree Hill. It’s a hill of 182m high that rests amidst the Cornwall Park with lush flower beds and trees on either side of the walking trails. The hill is found on the Southwest corner of the park. The top of the hill is an obelisk built on the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell. The hill summit offers you with fantastic views of the cityscape and therefore, make sure you carry a telescope with you! 

  1. Auckland Art Gallery

Are you in love with arts and culture? Auckland Art Gallery is a place that such a person should never miss! This is the most impressive cultural site of the city of Auckland. The structure is built with the French Renaissance-style and therefore, the architecture is equally breathtaking as the artworks. It is home to more than 15000 artworks and the paintings of Maori and Pacific artists are the main highlights here. 

10 Attractions to visit in Auckland
  1. West Coast Beaches

If you want to witness some extremely stunning beaches, you should drive towards the West Coast of Auckland. The best spot for sunbathing and picnic in the West Coast Beaches is the dramatic Piha Beach, where the volcanic black sand has sprinkled all over. Piha Beach is usually occupied with locals and foreigners. If you are looking for an isolated dune which rarely draws a handful of sun-seekers, you must head to Karioitahi Beach.

10 Attractions to visit in Auckland
  1. Waitemata Harbor

Waitemata Harbor is one of the most striking natural features of New Zealand. This easily navigable waterway became the reason that led to the appointment of Auckland as the capital of New Zealand in 1840, although Wellington is the present capital. It is a more vibrant area to explore on foot and has lots of shopping, dining and entertainment options. I suggest you explore the Quay Street that lies parallel to the harbour, it gives access to Princes Wharf and the ferry terminal of Hauraki Gulf Island.

  1. Auckland Harbor Bridge Adventures

The most popular portion of the central harbour is the Auckland Harbor Bridge which is standing up since 1959, with a height of 43m and length of one kilometre. The fun things to do here like the Auckland Harbor Bridge bungee jump would surely add an extra thrill to your sightseeing experiences. You can cross an exclusive bridge before plugging into 40 meters below harbour water and if not you can just enjoy the incredible views of the city from the bridge. 

10 Attractions to visit in Auckland
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  1. Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum rests on the highest point of the Auckland Domain and it was built to commemorate the soldiers who died of World War Ⅰ. Today, you can see a massive collection of artefacts in this museum. You can learn about the history of New Zealand and the heritage, cultures from the Maori Galleries. The first floor contains a great collection of natural history exhibits and it includes extinct giant moa birds as well.

  1. Albert Park
10 Attractions to visit in Auckland
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Albert Park occupies the most central green space in the city. So, it is a perfect place for you to have a morning or an evening stroll. The Victorian Fountain is the most iconic structure of the park, located in between vibrant flower beds. It has a wide array of ceramic clocks and a floral clock which is insta-worthy. If you walk to the highest point of the park you can come across Auckland’s Meteorological Observatory. Don’t forget to take a look at the Old Government House located in the park if you are interested in historical buildings.

  1. Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens

Kaipara Coast Plant Centre & Sculpture Gardens is located a bit far from the city centre and it is a great way to get a break from the road if you are travelling to the north of Auckland. The garden trail is packed with native fauna and also with sculptural arts by famous New Zealand artists. This is like a paradise for a nature lover, where one could see almost all the types of landscapes at one place as pine forests, streams, waterfalls, native bushes and typical farmlands. You can also see a large collection of roses here, about 10,000 rose bushes which is the highlight of the entire garden.

10 Attractions to visit in Auckland
  1. Puhoi.

Puhoi is a great destination to be seen as a day trip if you are in Auckland. It was discovered by a group of Bohemian immigrants. It is worth seeing the settlements remaining in their original state. The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the nearby Churchyard with the graves of early Bohemians and The Bohemia Museum are some of the highlights of the place. Puhoi is a destination of not only history lovers but also hikers, as there are many hiking opportunities in the beautiful countryside.

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