10 Must-Try German Foods on a Visit to Berlin

All tourists spend a share of their travel budget on food. If you want to take a deep dive into the culture of a city, and really experience the heart of a new place you must try the local food.

German cuisine tends towards the rustic and very hearty foods, meats like pork and goose feature quite a bit along with fish, peas, beans, potatoes and of course the well known variety of German sausages.

Frederick the Great was a big influence on the foods in Berlin. In the 18th century, King Frederick ordered his subjects to eat mainly cucumbers and potatoes. He encouraged the use of these items because they were cheap and fit the frugal Germanic lifestyle. They are still favourites in Berlin.

What to eat when visiting Berlin

11 Favourite foods of Berlin

Three very common dishes in Berline are CurrywurstEisbein and Berliner, but Berlin has a variety of local dishes you can try.

What to eat in Berlin


Talking about German foods, almost all people start thinking about meat or sausages for the first time. Therefore, you definitely should try Currywurst, visiting Berlin. This threat was invented as a kiosk food in 1949.

It is made of boiled and then fried pork sausages. After cutting them, the pieces are seasoned with the curry powder and ketchup. Mostly, this meal is served with fried potatoes and German beer, which is very popular. During the Oktoberfest in 2019, over 2 million gallons of beer were consumed.

What to eat when visiting Berlin

Eisbein mit Sauerkraut 

Eisbein is a pork knuckle that has been braised for many hours so that the thick layer of fat on top turns to crackling. In Berlin, it is sold cured and served with sauerkraut.


This is a truly classic German meal which is basically boiled eggs served in a mustard sauce. Senfeier, also known as eier in senfs, usually served after Easter to use up all the leftover Easter Eggs. It is also a popular dish among students as it’s easy and fast to prepare. Alternatively, you can order assignments at Papercoach, an essay writing service, via this link – papercoach.net to free your schedule. 

What to eat when visiting Berlin
German style dish of potatoes, boiled eggs and green sauce close-up in a plate on the table. horizontal

The Berliner

The Berliner is a gorgeous fluffy doughnut filled with a plum jam or other fruit jam and coated with powdered sugar. In Berlin, it is called marmalade Pfannkuchen

What to eat when visiting Berlin


Kartoffelpuffer has been served in Germany and other European countries since at least the 18th century. These cakes are a sort of hash brown or latke. They are made of grated potatoes, flour, eggs and onions, and in Switzerland, they are called rosti. They can be served with savoury accompaniments or sweet. In Poland for example they are served with meat stews and are delicious. Ireland has their own version made with mashed potatoes called Boxty.

What to eat when visiting Berlin


It is a very popular dessert in Berlin eateries. The incredibly thin pastry is filled with chopped apples and sugar. On top, it can be seasoned with cinnamon, breadcrumbs, and sugar powder.


If you’re a vegetarian, this food is for you. Spätzle is a type of pasta dumpling made with fresh eggs, typically serving as a side for meat dishes with gravy.

What to eat when visiting Berlin


A traditional pretzel is made from a dough that is poached in water with sodium bicarbonate very briefly it is removed from the water bath, sprinkled with coarse salat and then baked. Pretzels are addictive and can be made sweet or savoury and found at dozens of street food stalls across Berlin.

The legends say that a court baker was going to prison after serving the King badly baked bread. His wife begged the king to give him a second chance. The king challenged the baker to produce a bread through which the sun would shine 3 times.

The baker was attempting to figure out a recipe when he saw his wife kneeling in prayer with her arms crossed and seeing this he replicated the posture with his dough. It was said that his cat came along and knocked onto the baking sheet some baking soda and when baked the pretzel was born.

What to eat when visiting Berlin


It is a very popular meat dish in Berlin. It is made of a thin piece of veal that is covered by eggs with breadcrumbs. This coating makes the meat crispy after frying. Commonly it is served with potatoes and vegetables. 

Königsberger Klopse

A German meatball dish served with a traditional cream and caper sauce. The meatballs are traditionally made from veal although this can be substituted. The meatballs are simmered in salted water and when cooked the water is thickened with a roux, cream and egg yolks with capers added. The resulting dish is usually served with beetroot, boiled or mashed potatoes.

What to eat when visiting Berlin

Doner Kebab

Many people would love to believe that given Berlin’s Turkish population that the Doner was invented in Berlin. The most popular kebab maker Kadir Nurman – recognised in 2011 by the Association of Turkish Döner Manufacturers is the man most often credited with inventing the Döner Kebab in Berlin.

Delicious kebab sandwiches on wooden board
Delicious kebab sandwiches on wooden board

However truth is that many versions of the kebab are found worldwide. From the Greek Gyros to Middle Eastern Shawarma, and tacos al pastor in Mexico, these all fall into the category of ‘kebab’ which is simply put meats cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served in a sandwich form.

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