Farmers Markets in the Yucatan on the Gulf Coast

Farmers Markets in the Yucatan on the Gulf Coast

Mercados & Farmer’s Markets in the Yucatan

I do love a good Farmer’s Market and while we are not spoiled for choice here in the Yucatan, Mexico we are seeing more and more mercados and farmers markets that provide a wide variety of choice from arts and crafts to home grown organic food items. There is a great market in Merida called the Lucas Galvez and it has everything you can think of, there is also a market in Progreso which is smaller than Merida’s but has pretty much everything you could need.

Natural Thangs Farmer’s Market

Natural Thangs is located between Chelem and Chuburna and they not only do  landscape design but have been hosting a very successful farmer’s market for a few years now. The market which is held on Mondays from 9 till noon has a variety of vendors from Up in Smoke who have great dips, ham hocks, smoked bacon and cheeses, to fresh bread and Mexican made cheeses that include a really good Mexican Parmesan.

Natural Thangs has also merged with the Gypsy Market which means that on the last Sunday of the month there are some great local artists presenting their work here and you can own an original piece of art for a bargain price.  Plus there are amazing breakfast burritos, breads, sausages, occasionally the tamale man makes an appearance and there is often a fundraising effort on for the local children’s baseball team or dogs and cats for adoption that have been rescued.  You will also quite likely be able to meet every expat in the neighbourhood.

the Chuburna mercado and farmers market Mexico

Some of the great vendors include Masai Maya who make the best wood fired calzones and pizzas, Anita the Sausage Lady with her wonderful brats, bacon and a multitude of hand made sausages.  I could go on forever, there are fresh baked pies, cookies, kombucha, pickles, salad veggies, herbs, fresh honey, and so much more.


Mercados & Farmers Markets along the Progreso Coast

Slow Food Market Merida

Slow Food is an international grassroots membership organization promoting good, clean and fair food for all through its mercados and farmers market members. “We envision a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.”

Check out this fabulous market held on Saturday mornings in Merida. Loads of organic and free range goodies from meats, cheese, vegetable flowers and an amazing selection of homemade goodies from Virginia Jans superb cinnamon buns and other baked goods, pulled pork, tamales and much more.

Muelle Market Chixulub

Chixulub is the opposite side of Progreso from the Chelem area. This is a quite little village with quite a few expats living here. There is a local and ex pat artisans Market – the Muelle is held twice a month in snowbird season and has everything from food to clothing. Tamales, breads, cinnamon buns, carrot cake alongside sausages and tamales.  Lovely pure cotton tops and dresses from a locally known Mexican designer to beautiful earrings and handcrafted works of art.

If you are living on the gulf coast or simply visiting the area here are the best things to do in Merida

the Muelle mercado and farmers market in Chixulub

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