How Can I Protect My Eyes when Travelling?

Whether you choose to travel within your state, country or even go further afield, you may want to make some considerations regarding the health and wellbeing of your eyes. While these can be imperative for quality of life, they are also quite fragile. There are a number of ways that they could become hurt when you go to new places, particularly if this involves developing countries. Rather than simply being put off of your excursions, you may instead want to think about the ways that you can protect your eyes from harm.

All About Vision details some of the ways that the eyes can be subject to trauma, especially when you are away from home. One of these is the way that UV light can cause significant damage. Many people understand the importance of wearing good sunscreen when out in hot weather, due to the dangers it can present on the skin. 

However, the eyes are also at risk. Frequent contact with UV rays can lead to sight loss, and even speed up the symptoms of cataracts in later life. It is also not just sunny weather that you need to be concerned with. Visiting colder destinations with lots of snow could also cause UV damage, through the light reflecting on the snow and ice back into your eyes. A good pair of UV protective sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat, can help to negate this, alongside avoiding looking at the light itself.

Parasites in the eyes can also be rather problematic. While you might expect less access to hygiene and clean water in developing countries, you can also suffer within your own country and other first-world locations. One particular parasite, acanthamoeba, can be found in a number of water sources, including pools, lakes, and even showers. Those who wear contact lenses and do not remove them before swimming, or who clean them in water as opposed to a proper cleaning solution, may find that their eyes pay the price. Some of the symptoms can include pain and irritation. Therefore, even when traveling, you may want to still keep on top of proper contact lens maintenance and hygiene.

Keeping yourself clean when traveling can also be incredibly important. In some poorer countries, there may be a higher level of infections, such as trachoma, which can result in blindness. You may therefore want to make sure that, wherever you stay, you always have access to clean, safe water, and the means to wash. Frequently washing your hands, and avoiding touching your face, can also benefit you. It can be important that, if you do spot the signs of an infection, it is treated promptly to avoid further complications.

Final Thoughts…

Looking after your eyes can be fairly simple, but it is important not to overlook it. In doing so, you may be able to avoid premature, and incredibly costly, eye surgery, and enjoy the different aspects of your travels that much more. 

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